Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Revit Error Reporting: Again, Just Do It!!!

Well it happens to everyone sometimes: An Unrecoverable Error Has Occured... UGHHH. If (when) this does happen please send those error reports!!! it's not just to give you a feeling that ADSK is working for you; they actually want to fix the issue and when they do it helps all of us!!!

On their site, there is
this page relating to the explanations and this link is a cute (not really) picture illustrating what happens to these messages.

On with the show:
"After the Crash" and yes, I saved a recovery file...

Use the following dialog to help ADSK help us!!!
See image 3 as well but please use the "Step by Step Description" area to give as much info to them as possible (I know you're busy but if you want ADSK to get rid of the issue you experience you have to let them know what was happening. Take pains to communicate... or at least say something...

Image 1 below is the "details" page for your edification & paranoia abatement.

Image 2 below is the "What Happens" web page...

Image 3 below is their helpful hints as to what kind of info helps them help us:

Finally: Image 4 below is (I hope) obvious enough...

In an odd way I have always felt a little better after receiving the following 'thank you' from ADSK... It is almost
(ALMOST) like I never had a problem whatsoever...
AAAHHHHHH, now isn't that better???

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post and solving my problem. You are just an amazing and life saver for me.