Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sloping Floor & Roof Slabs in Revit

Remember THIS POST? It pertained to sloping Floor & Roof slabs. Well it seems that I should clarify this new functionality a bit (or just my posting...although I do remember being told by 'agents' at ADSK that there is (now was I guess) the limitation of these things (at this time is we need to begin with slabs having only non-curving boundaries, only, in order to get these new tools to work. Well, the slabs don't need to begin as purely rectangles they just need to be bounded by non-curving lines. At this time they also need to satisfy the following scenarios from RAC 2008's build ...1700's Help:

..."These tools can be used to slope a constant thickness slab or the top surface of a slab with a variable thickness layer in order to model the following scenarios:

  • A constant thickness slab or roof supported by sloped non-planar framing.
  • A variable thickness material used to slope the surface of a horizontal plane (for example, tapered insulation).

In order for shape editing tools to be activated the following conditions must be met:

  • Slabs must be flat and horizontal with straight-edged boundaries.
  • Roofs cannot be attached to another roof, and the roof cannot be a curtain roof. If either of these conditions is not met, the slab shape edit buttons do not display.
    NOTE:if these conditions are violated later, by some edit to the element, then the slab shape edit will cause an error with a callback allowing the user to reset the slab shape edit."...
Since we're not able to use the new tools with curved boundary slabs the opening command and/ or the void element as cutting objects are still in play...

-More to follow???


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