Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Equal Dimensions on Both ends of a Dimension String??? Fuck Yeah!!!

Have you ever wanted a dimension string to have EQ. on each end of a string? Well, when those values are actually equal and you use Revit you can get it...How? I'm not saying...but I will say that our best friend (in Revit) can be the Right-Click...perhaps you see where I am going with this?

Frankly we should always have a sense of curiosity and rt-click and search the object properties... You never know what you can find until you find it!!! -Ohhh Yaay another Revitism...

OK, I will tell you after all: (obviously)...

1) Dimension the objects
2) Right click the dimension string and select EQ. Display

3) Run around the office yelling "Oh fuck yeah!!!"

Now there are limitations: it will only report EQ when either all objects are equal or the 2 opposing ends are equal. I have found no other occasions where this works, but that won't stop me from trying; It was just a few months back that I did that (used my curiosity and ignored what I 'thought' I previously "learned" or "knew") and stumbled into finding that Elevation Views can now be Duplicated, when they weren't previously (and oddly enough I never saw official documentation...hmmm)... Just watch out for the duplicated elevation markers hiding in the same location as the original ones!!!