Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why Can't Designers (Really) Model in Revit ...Yet?

Are you going to Autodesk University 2007? (AKA: AU or AKA: THE gambling & drunkfest...Uhhh I mean...a great place to learn and network). If so on Thursday November 29th 4:30 to 5:20+ pm, the Titian Room 2203 of the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Earth, Milky Way... is where you want to be.

We will be Un-Conferencing and spouting off (politely discussing limitations and solutions as we see them) to ADSK; in regards to Revit's modeling capabilities, or lack thereof. I have the intention to become a positive force to affect change in how ADSK responds to industry needs and Revit's better-ization is a great place to start!!! If you are passionate about this (or just want to have a great discussion) then COME ON DOWN... If you can't make it there, then I invite you to add your comments to this post and I assure you that all good ideas will be brought up and discussed.

I will be creating a list of participants, who want to sign on to have the development teams (actually the product management teams as well) at ADSK hear our requests and finally act on them...

I'll also be creating a comprehensive list of all of the modeling tools, workflows and flexibilities that are required of a BIM software (but obviously and specifically Revit!!!); that is to be used in the production (let alone documentation) of the multiple disciplines & building types within Architecture.

Architects, Engineers and everyone else who show up in Vegas plus everyone who contacts me herein is invited to add to the discourse, so speak up, be heard and
transformation your own voice into a force for industry change, in your pursuit of true BIM projects.

Without further ado; here's the info on the session I will be leading:

Thursday November 29th 4:30 to 5:20+ pm, the Titian Room 2203 of the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Why Can't Designers (Really) Model in Revit ...Yet?
(And NO!, it's not because Designers can't model in Revit: rather, it's because Revit Can't Model in Revit!!!)

Compound curves, lofts, parametric shape studies and manipulation; interactive/flexible shape editing...They are not available in Revit (or are barely developed); so, how can we get them there to the degree that we all dream* (*read as need)?

I think it is disastrous that these types of capabilities are not in Revit. This oversight in the development of Revit's modeling is making room for other programs to get huge footholds with designers everywhere. Since these capabilities are present in many software applications, and we all know about them...Rhino, Sketchup, Blender, even Microstation has generative components... Sh*@# even AutoCAD has a loft tool!!!

Not being able to model shapes comprehensively, for real and in Revit makes Architects (yes, MAKES us) use tools such as Sketchup. Sad but true.

Every Architecture firm, whether large or small, need complete modeling tools and ADSK & the Revit Development teams should respond to these needs! ASAP.

Join me in becoming a positive force toward transforming this oversight into a victory for BIM, Architecture, our practices and even ADSK, if they follow through...

Let's see if we can help it be realized, that there will be complete and comprehensive modeling tools & capabilities inside of Revit.

This and more will be explored and discussed so bring your lists and have fun!!!

I know I will...


  1. You can model in 3ds max or Maya Then import it to Revit. Revit Should be combined as one program. Not Three. Chief Architect Can do all three - 1) architecture 2) mep 3) structure. And it does it in one program and only cost $3000. Why then since we all know that Revit is a far better product than autocad-chief architect and most other cad programs. Then why isn't Revit one dual platform 32/64 bit program combining Architecture Mep and Structure as one program with the modeling capabilities of 3ds max and maya. This makes more sence to me when it comes to BIM. If the software was made and cost $5000 we all would still buy it.

  2. J, do you by chance have audio of this discussion or any further literature that may have been handed out at, or came to be because of, this discussion?

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  4. CMan, And all,
    Yes as a matter of fact I will have more information as to the illuminating results of the session. We shared some great thoughts that will definately bring about positive industry change, if I have anything to say...and as you may be able to figure from reading this Blog I have a bit to say!!!

    Stay tuned I am working on compiling the Audio transcripts and other notes and comments into a quite lengthy article that will probably be posted in the Blog, well honestly it'll probably be after the new year holiday just because of schedules...but you never know it may be sooner...

    Thanks for the interest, this is an important subject.