Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Information where we need it... Who'da thought!!!

Autodesk and Vela Systems Collaborate to Provide Building Information Modeling for the Field

This is another example of a really exciting aspect of BIM; but is it another reason to keep learning every software out there so we can be ready when ADSK buys them? ;-)

And I quote: "...Using Vela Systems software --including bar-coding and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking technology--builders on-site can access a data-rich Autodesk Navisworks project model during the construction phase. Instead of leaving the Autodesk Navisworks model and its data behind in the office or job trailer, jobsite users can work with Vela Systems software on mobile tablet computers to access the intelligent model on-site. This makes it possible to track material production and installation, manage commissioning, conduct quality assurance/quality control inspections, do punch lists and create electronic owner-handover documentation. Autodesk Navisworks users may designate which information will be managed in Vela Systems and, as a result, the Vela Systems software enables this data to be properly managed and used in the field. The integration between the products is bi-directional and automated. The result is that the information from the field connects the "should be" state-of-design to the "as-is" state-of-construction...."

Now go Get a Tablet!!!

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  1. How do I learn more about this Product? I'm a mechanical contractor and think that this could be very useful.

    Patrick G. Moran