Thursday, August 20, 2009

Namaste From India (not na)

5:00 am, India time... do you know where your J is?

So after the 20 some odd hours of flying time, I am finally here in Bangalore; the Silicon Valley (???) of India.

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After a supposed bomb scare in Frankfurt (they cleared the terminal just as I was about to board my connection)... I guess all was fine since we got to go through security AGAIN (yuk) and board and go...

I have not seen too much of Bangalore yet but one thing I have seen is that driving here is pure Anarchy!!! I believe that any money spent painting lines in the roads was/is a complete waste...

I don't think cars can go straight here :-)

Also one gets a hint as to the level of driving by the fact that there are speed bumps and some really big ones IN THE HIGHWAYS and roads (YIKES!!!). Shit, the US would have another Revolution if that was tried stateside.

I do want to drive while I am her
e though; it looks fun from my perspective.
Think of driving through a tight maze of cars, small motorcycles, trucks (is that what they are?), bikes from the 60's, people, dogs (from the 60's) and other vehicles that should be on Monster Garage being transformed; driving where the horn seems to push other vehicles magically out of your way (sometimes). Now add those fucking speed bumps and there is a little taste of the driving conditions here... at least to an outsider from LA.

Onto business:
I finally met the team at Studio-I who we have been working remotely with for the past year and a half; I will be implementing Revit & BIM (more) into their workflow in a manner that should ensure great project results: and let me say they couldn't be any nicer folks. Now this is not surprising but it is still striking from my perspective... It's nearly impossible to get a chance at opening a door for them. And does everyone really need to be so kind and polite and smile all the time???

Ugh; where is some of that cold indifference we can give/get back home? ...although I think that it does exist here too, judging from some of the looks I get...mainly from the Tech Guys in the street but considering my 6 earrings and a style unlike anyone here...Oooh that pinstripe suit rules!!! -perhaps it lurks just below the surface for some... It almost makes me feel comfortable; I can use my 'hard' expressions sometimes (phew).

My first real Indian lunch was great and nice and spicy... Mmmmm. I don't (yet???) know what the "Oh Indian food is too spicy" fuss is all about... I guess this account needs to be left open since it was only one meal!!!

Right now a call to prayer is ringing through the neighborhood (or is that the Continent)... I guess it's better than hearing Cocks crow at 5am... or not... Can't this start when I am already awake? Oh wait I am. Damned time zones.

Well there will be more to come (and some will be Revit & BIM) but for now Take care!!! I will get some photos up here this weekend...



  1. Namaste Jay,
    Wonderful description of your trip. Glad it is going well. You want hot food? Go get some curry dishes! That'll clean out your plumbing. Say hi to Ganesh if you see him for me!!!