Sunday, August 09, 2009

Not much going on with LARUG these days? Oh yes there is!!! But first...

OH SHIT!!! Even Posh is resisting the Ribbon, who knew she uses Revit???!!!

Well, onto the LARUG Update: The LARUG is taking a Summer Vacation in August, but we'll be back in September with more Architectural, Structural and MEP presentations too!!! And, Mr. AW; actually there is a lot happening :-)

Nevertheless; last week a colleague received our LARUG LinkedIn weekly update and read the Reuters news section (excerpt below) and thought it was directly an LARUG update (LOFL)... if you know me you'd probably and correctly assume that I'd never personally post updates on the Spice Girls...well until now!!! It may not seem funny to you but I almost cried I laughed so hard at the mix up!!!... This is what transpired, if you care:

"So… not much going on with LARUG these days? not that I’m upset about learning that Posh Spice is replacing Paula Abdul on American idol or anything…
" -AW

Posh Spice, Katy Perry to fill in on "Idol"

Reuters | August 6, 2009
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pop singers Katy Perry, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and other female artists will be guest judges on "American Idol" this upcoming season to help replace departing Paula Abdul, Fox television executiv…

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