Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AU and a cloud... Voting ends Friday, May 21

Below are the courses that I am hopeful of presenting at this year's AU 2010... wanna help (me)??? You can, if you can!!! Login to the Autodesk University Speaker Voting page(s) (HERE) Search for Jay Zallan under keywords or speaker... shameless, I know... anyhow; you will find the following courses that as elluded to, I have proposed ...and know will be kick ass courses!!!
  • From Programming to Presentation: Planning With Autodesk® Revit®Architecture
  • Functional Family Creation with Autodesk® Revit®
and the Unplugged \ Unconference session:
  • Hot Revit® Models: How to Become a "10"

Thanks to all who already have voted on these; every bit of support helps and is greatly appreciated Plus
the favor has been returned!!! )or will be)...


BTW: I am not making a shooting motion in the photo...perhaps...

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  1. Just voted for your MUST attend classes Jay. Make sure to vote for both of my classes. Same deal for anyone else who would like to vote for me.

    Cody Nowak