Friday, May 21, 2010

For all my (Structural) Friends...

The Revit Factory is surely busy and one of the great resources is The Revit Clinic... By clicking the image above you will get to a Structural specific posting regarding beam cutbacks, that many will find useful... That is if they use Revit Structure... Don't forget to surf the links therein...

Revit Architecture & MEP users/abusers will likewise find many many many postings there that will prove extremely valuable, so "word to the wise...".

Another resource for Revit Structure-ers is the book: Mastering Revit Structure 2010, by
Thomas S. Weir, Jamie D. Richardson, David J. Harrington The 2011 book will be out soon, I hear... (Update: See the comment section below this post... sad faces all around, as no 2011 book is planned... 2010 book will suffice for 99.875% of 2011 learning needs though...)
BTW: If you are in LA and come to one of our LARUGs, I am sure we can get him to autograph your copy, (as Tom and I are Co-Chairs I may have pull :-)

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  1. There is not going to be a Mastering Revit Structure 2011 see