Monday, May 02, 2011

Architecture & New Technology: The Ant Group to the rescue

Local to Southern California; In town or want to fly out here on Mondays? If so and you are new to, or haven't gotten on the Revit & BIM train(ing) Train yet but want to: then the Ant Group may be a great place to start.

Beginning tonight Jim Balding is "Beta'ing" MONDAY NIGHT REVIT [MNR] (yeah, notice for tonight is short but these will keep happening, so never fear, go get on their email list!!! -by clicking the image above, left...).

Go get some New Revit Kicks!!! Though the cool shoe image below links to Rev'It Motorcycles page (perhaps the coolest name for Motorcycle stuff Revit aficionados at least); the Ant Group's meetings are not about Motorcycles, they ARE about the BIM kind of Revit!!! And learning the fundamentals is always...well...fundamental.

Here's a synopsis
"We are calling it beta as we are not sure where it will go. The theory is that there is a need for affordable informal Revit training/guidance on an on-going basis. Keeping it informal allows us to go where we want, explore what we want to explore and get detailed where we want to get detailed. Keeping it affordable allows for more participation. This will not take the place of formal intensive training, perhaps supplement it.

WHO – We are inviting anyone that has an interest in learning more about Revit. We will start out very basic, but will allow the group to guide the direction. We will, however, keep it to the basics as this keeps the content more relative for the majority of users and there is more than enough there to keep us very busy. If there is a need for advanced topics, we can evaluate that as well.

WHAT – Revit Basics

WHERE – The ANT Group, 18025 Sky Park Circle, Ste K, Irvine CA

WHEN – Monday nights 6:30 – 8:00, starting 25 April 2011

Starting with: “What’s New in Revit 2012 – UI Changes, Visualization Enhancements, 3D Tagging” with the following week being “What’s New in Revit 2012 – Revit Server, Linking Improvements and Massing Enhancements”. After that we will get to the real basics like “Everything you Want to Know about Walls”, “Family Creation”, “Stairs and Railings”, “Floors and Roofs”, “Schedules”, “Working with Consultants”, “Massing”, “Materials and Rendering”, “Best Practices”, “Working with Worksets”, “Creating and Maintaining Templates”, “Keynotes, Notes and Text”, “Company Standards”, on and on and on and on…

WHY – There seems to be a need for affordable fundamental training/guidance for Revit.

HOW – Not sure how this will all shake out, but I plan on picking a topic and lecturing for an 60-75 minutes and have a question and answer session after. We will publish topics a week ahead of time and keep it flexible and go where the group wants to go. This will be a lecture only to begin with, if there is a need to go to a BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab we will consider that later.
HOW MUCH – Our intention is to keep the price on this as low as possible. The target price is $20 per session payable by cash or check (payable to The ANT Group, Inc.). If there is a big demand, we can look into accepting PayPal and credit cards, but may have to charge more for that.
As mentioned above, this is “beta” and will evolve as needed.
Thoughts or questions are encouraged." 

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