Thursday, May 05, 2011

AU Gonna Teach Again (at AU) This Year??? Hope So!!!

Hopefully I have a few classes chosen again and am included in having the privilege to be teaching at AU again this year. Years past have seen a lot of great stuff, even from me!!! This year is expected to be better... as long as I have a few classes of mine included that is... :-)

Anyhow if you have been procrastinating then you have only 1 day left to submit class proposals, so hit the AU Image above and get on with it... You only have until Friday, May 6 2011 to get them submitted.

Good luck to all who are submitting!!!

Oh; One more thing; The Seminar (right) that I am proposing is planned to be co-presented by the talented Troy Gates (and perhaps others), so if you have influence with ADSK then vote for this class, it will be an extreme look deep into coordination techniques...

Cheers All,

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