Friday, May 20, 2011

Revit Can't Do That... Wait; it Can!!!

If anyone says Revit Can't do something let them be on notice that they are almost assuredly wrong!!!

The image links to more... and YES that's a native Revit Cow Family!!!

See this link for more: The Revit Complex


  1. Alright, please explain... Where'd you get this? Any thoughts on how?

  2. I took that photo and more... If you hit the image it'll take you to a posting that should explain more...

    It is a rough preview (at least the topic) of a full article I am writing on What Revit Can Really Do...

    Marcello said it was easy: on a scale of 1-10 the Cow was about a 15, using only Revit/Vasari and a dedication of time.

  3. Holy Revit Cow Jay Man! How beefy was the model?

  4. SB,
    Ugh that's ...wait for it...
    Bullshit :D

    Also; you said 'beef'


    So...shall we continue with the bovine puns?

  5. Sure, you can excavate using spoon for a swimming pool too. But that would take years. No matter how open minded you are, creating consent like a car in revit is not viable option economically at this moment.

  6. RK
    I think you miss the point I was trying to make which is ...if one can model a cow then one can model any architectural shape. people can simply no longer say revit cannot model organic shapes ...period.

  7. someone tweeted me that he likes the mooodle ...there you go Steve, see what you started ;D

  8. That's some of the bessiest Revit modeling I have seen!

  9. I don't see a bovine template in my family editor. What is this based in? Conceptual Mass?

  10. I see... well that proves it. Revit can do everything. You made a cow man! I'm about to have a cow! I work with Revit MEP everyday and have been since my company bought the POS back in 2010. And because my beginnings in Revit were based in architecture (2008), I thought it was a great idea. No! A cow has no place in the MEP world, and if I had to link that hideous entourage in my model I would plug a pipe right up it's butt!

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    One does not link a Revit Family.

    Cow: 1
    You: 0

  12. Well fatty, I do belive you've made a cow's behind of yourself with that last comment.

  13. Nobody said families were linked.
    Models are linked (from *the architect*) and if said cow is in the model then by golly it's linked in.

    But, why am I wasting time explaining that to you, you're too mentally delayed to grasp a concept without getting stuck on the first "technicality" you notice. I imagine this is your attempt at sounding smart. (I know, your existentialistic mind just exploded.)

  14. Anonymous,
    1) Does this mean our date for this Friday is off???

    3) Hiding behind anonymity is so courageous of you... keep up the good work.

    I left #2 out just for you

  15. Some of these comments are udderly ridiculous... others more insightful than some would like.

    Why not create a cow, AT-AT, or something else. At least Marcello took the time to see if it could be done. "Well done" at that... ;)