Monday, March 04, 2013

BIM Fact | A Well Defined Process

Agree or disagree, (I find) The BIM Protocol from The BIM Task Group to be quite valuable, especially when the PAS 1192-2:2013 is leveraged. -Enjoy and Use!!!

This is one time I will not editorialize (too much) except to say that projects that do not use a well defined plan and find that they are successful, can only be attributed the success to luck and that luck will not hold out. AECO is bigger and requires more respect than many are apt to give it... Revit (or whatever BIM) Projects are increasingly not independent, stand alone productions...
We (AECO) must evolve!!!
You in???

According to this Revit Fact Check | BIM Fact Check post:

"BIM Fact: A well defined BIM process is THE approach worth undertaking."

"BIM Fact: Using no BIM process is still a process.
-probably just a shitty one"

Need we say more? Like how widespread adoption in the UK may push others of us to adopt the same BIM Execution Protocols as one another? Kind of like having a "standard"!?

Want more? Get more... Check this out from the BIM Task Group (Then follow @BIMgcs)... Image links to the downloads page ;-)

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