Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Have You Been Overridden...Again?

Yes I wish there was a Clear Overrides button that would give a list of all objects in a view that have been overridden, along with the obligatory check box where I could reset (or not) those overrides....Especially on multiple person teams when; who knows who does what, when.


If there are view specific overrides on objects and you need them to go away, so the representation of the object(s) become default (again) then here you go:

I'll illustrate the Un-Overriding of the wall object...

Select the object/Right Click/Override Graphics in View/By Category

Click the appropriate button: In this case it's the Cut Pattern for said walls...

Next: Clear Overrides.

After you "OK" yourself all the way out it will be back to default.

Have fun...

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