Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More with: Filters, Fire Ratings & Graphic Overrides

So it seems I failed to give a huge payoff to productivity when using these filters and overrides... VIEW TEMPLATES ...

If you followed the instructions on creating
Filters, Fire Ratings & Graphic Overrides then you may have been horrified when you attempted to place these overrides on your other (insert number here) views that need the exact same look...

Well you'd only be horrified if you didn't think of (or remember, or know) that we can use View Templates to propagate these filters & overrides to multiple views... We can!!!

Just Right-Click the view that has the filters and graphic overrides already applied (in the Project Browser) then select Create View Template From View... Once created you can select any & every view necessary and again Right-Click them and this time choose Apply View Template...
sit back and let Revit do just that!!! (Insert superlative here)

I love when Revit works for me!!!

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