Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The new Autodesk & Revit BIM Building Design Suites are (almost) Here!!!

The new Autodesk 2012 Building Design Suites have been announced: I'm sure your twitter is blowing up @BIM & @Revit, so cutting to the chase; here's the direct link to find out from the source (hit the image).

YAAY, ADSK is finally beginning to 'get it' ...now I just hope the installs aren't a one-by-one nightmare!!!

Can you say "cross-grade"???

Wanna see what's new? (in addition to the 3Dconnexion Space pilot functionality in Revit 2012, which I will document in the next week)? Check out DLight's blog HERE!!!


  1. So many questions regarding this, J. So many questions...

  2. It's very simple. You get every tool you need for one "low" price. Whatever Revit product you were going to buy, for an extra $500, you get everything, including 3ds Max Design.

    It's really for the contractors. The Ultimate package includes Inventor, Navisworks Manage and Quantity Takeoff, so they get Navisworks plus all of the Revit tools for $1145 more than just buying Navisworks.

    Upgrading for Legacy products, current releases of just about anything, or an upgrade for a 1 to 3 version back AutoCAD is about $500 or less too. It's actually cheaper to get the Design Suite than upgrading to Revit Arch from AutoCAD in some cases.

    Of course...there's always subscription that's a little more for the whole package.

    Look at all the new programs you ahve to learn now, more workflow and process issues to deal with and lots more BIM management. You'll never get to leave the office.

    CAD was so much simpler....

  3. G,
    That last line was funny, thanks... A few old license trades and for those few hundred dollars its worth it... ADSK came up with a good approach but perhaps two years slow... At least its here now...

  4. So many answers Mason, so many answers... ;-)