Wednesday, March 09, 2011

You Need Tools for Your Revit Tool, Don't You?

Your Tool is important to you.

Therefore we need a place to find them and this post will effort toward listing them (at least as many available at the moment it's published). In no apparent order, here is a list of the many Revit Tools one can find... As always click the images for links to the sites.

Please understand that you must evaluate these tools on your own since this posting is in no way a recommendation to use or purchase anything. I have no vested interest in any of these tools. Some are better than others and there's a shitload of info on these in & on the web... Now about those Tools...

If I find more I'll append or re-post...

Obviously you need Revit!!!

Autodesk Subscription is where you'll find some of the best addons, additions, service packs, patches, new builds, etc. If you are on subscription you'll probably know this... if not HAHAHAHA... Among the fantastic benefits are: RoomBook extension, bridge/road/terrain tools, framing tools, grids generator, compare models, convert parameters to shared, element positioning, freeze drawings, text generator, etc...!!!

Autodesk Labs is the place for all (ADSK) things potential!!! Google Earth connectors, DB connectors, BIM Family toolkit (interface w/ Inventor), Chinese daylight analysis, Bluestreak, Newport, Project Vasari!!! (Revit conceptual modeling without Revit...and free)!!!, STL exporter, and...Who knows what the future holds???

Mertens3D has a great tool for creating hatch patterns on-the-fly, directly enough within Revit... YAAY, it makes the .pat files for us!!!

Eaglepoint has SiteTools & LandCadd addon applications for Revit, as well as other apps for other platforms...

These folks have some great addons such as an MWF... Metal/Wood Framer, a Manufacturing CMS: or Component Management Software. (Hey, didn't ADSK have a free wood framer???) Perhaps you need more control???

EMC2 has a great tool to edit/manage Keynote files, without the explicit use of Notepad!!!

This makes Keynotes: How to Use & Abuse the System: A How To for Good, Not Evil much easier!!!

The image left gets you directly to the whitepaper referenced in the "Keynotes" posting/link above, just in case...

Toolbox4Revit has a few tools for 2008-2010 versions so perhaps they aren't so useful for many Reviteurs any longer... Never know what the future will hold though...

Revit Express Tools are some pay to play tools including: Excel Link (hey there is a theme here), BID&M and many more (some are very expensive IMO, but I know these guys and they're great in any case)...

Revit Family Tools is free and these include: Delete Backup Files, Type Catalog Tools, Compare Shared Parameters, Merge Shared Parameters, Family File Version Detector. -Pretty cool!!!

Imaginit's tools are pretty well proven and some are NEW for 2011... Element Renumber, MEP Parameter Tool, Parameter Copy, Room Renumber, Grid Select, Change Case, Door Mark Update, Revit Content Browser, Space Update, Earth Connector for Revit, Room Phase Copy.
There are Free Imaginit tools available & they are: Room Renumber, Change Case, Space Update and Grid Select... Free is good!!!

RevitTools Ribbon (pay to play) includes streamlining & productivity tools such as: Import/Export to Excel, Count Elements, Create Shared Parameters, Renumber Elements and many more. The
re is also a RevitTools Toolbar for 2009 in case you're in the stone(d) age... Also included: "Schedule & Tag real door swing properties, Schedule & Tag real 'From' & 'To' Room info from doors" (Hey, isn't that already in Revit? YES!!! maybe theirs is somehow better???)

Free means free!!! This includes Zach Kron, Buildz's Extensions tools. As they say: "The amazing Revit extension "calculates the distance between curtain panel by pattern instances and
some other placed family, then writes this number to an instance parameter in each panel. But once we hook this parameter up to some geometry and formulas... oh the fun we can have!"" API Yi Yi.

These are pay to play and some of the tools, or similar ones are already inside of Revit, or available for free so look around before purchasing all of them... Tools for BIM Management, Architecture, Structure, MEP & Sustainability, including tools for: Detailing, Dynamic Legends, Sheet Manager, Smart Floors, U-Value, Smart Browser, Rafter+, Truss+, Opening Cut, Sort & Mark, Estimating, R-Heating, Building Energy Performance.

FM/GIS/BIM data workflow Mgmt. from CDV Systems.

At left is a link to a previous (2009) post with more (mainly older) tools to look at... Never know what you may find... Cheers!!!


  1. Thank you J. I'll look into some of these. I haven't used it, but I have heard about Ideate BIM Link.