Monday, March 28, 2011

Revit 2012 What's New and More: + Some Art in LA

March LARUG (Los Angeles Revit Users Group: a brief...brief: Hit the image Left for a pretty thorough recap as well as Revit What's New assets & Links.

More From LA

Go see Art!!!
I took my kids to see two Ace Galleries in LA this weekend and we saw some evocative Art with a broad range of context & emotion: in the Beverly Hills' Ace we saw a Robert Irwin column, along with some other painters and sculptors' works...very cool... Too bad there wasn't a major RI installation or some paintings there too, but it's nice to see these columns wherever they appear.

 Then we went down Wilshire to the LA Ace to catch The Date Farmers exhibit... quite exhaustive and rich.

My kids went more for these and cited the works' emotion and power.

I have to agree with them, but I do like the challenge of both styles; the Super Cool and the Sub Pop (as I see them).

There's something great going on when everyone is affected by a work and these hit on so many levels that we all were blown away at every turn!

Shit; I'm gonna get painting more!!!

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