Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Revit, BIM Can't Save AEC from Bad Leadership & Workmanship

Why is one of the largest economies (California) screwed? Hitting the image (left) will get you to an LATIMES article outlining just one small (read as huge) part...

Why didn't they listen to Larry and others???

Some quotes from the article: "..."I wouldn't let them build an outhouse for me," she said.... that inspectors, architects and project managers began finding serious construction defects early on and grew increasingly frustrated as deadlines came and went and the complex ultimately opened with many of the problems uncorrected. ...Yet the top two officials overseeing the construction program did not share their urgency.

They publicly praised the contractor's work and repeatedly approved payments to [read the article for names] over the objections of Valley College officials and construction supervisors, who wanted the money held back until problems were corrected. The district had the right to withhold nearly $5 million but released almost $4 million, forfeiting a key source of leverage..."

Typical unfortunately of some officials: they see a crappy job done, their advisors say it's crappy and then the officials say it's all great!!! Can one intimate Payola???

Part Two of this story can be found in the image/link at right... I feel for you Don.

Keep up the good governing (read as SNAFU).

Big sad face goes out to the LACCD leadership and everyone else who was warned of the problems and didn't react with our (taxpayer) interests or the students, teachers, administrators, etc. in mind; now we must all live with these results daily.

Thanks for taking some good work by many and turning it into institutional waste.

This is why AEC can be so screwed as an industry. Shotty work and cover-ups. Not even BIM can save us from these kind of people who hold no seeming value in quality work or responsibility to anything more than perhaps their personal station in life... you know; the 'let's hope the shit hits the fan after we are gone' syndrome.

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