Monday, December 12, 2011

Live Renders NOT in the clouds

There is much ado about clouds, infinite computing, etc. in AEC these days... Call me leery but I just do not see full production ready solutions out there yet (YET!!!)... I know we probably will but not so much yet; furthermore some people just need to work locally for a myriad of reasons...

Well In the past I have used Artlantis as a quick rendering solution in design stages, since they have a Revit plugin to get your files natively there to play with, it's fast and you see your changes live on screen without hitting the render button... Well now I have learned of Lumion. I am getting their demo now to test and will have some results in the future...but it looks quite promising; with live animated objects such as people, water, interface that 'seems' logical and user friendly (though we will see) and all the effects and modifications & additions are live and applied on-the-fly!!!

So until I get some results here are some demos... check them both out for yourself...
As always the links are links ;-)




  1. What kind of hardware recommendations would you make to run these programs?

  2. The best you can afford!
    Multiple Dual quad core or better, 16gb RAM at worst, 32 or moreGB if you can, dual high speed (SLI) video cards, 4x24" or bigger monitors, 2x24" monitors minimum. Use a Cintiq & 3D Connexion SpacePilot & a Wacom Tablet for input..