Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fear and Loathing In a CAD vs. BIM World and a Fluffy Kitten Walk Into a Bar... A 2012 Recap

The following are 15 selected posts from the past year that I feel are still helpful. I did leave out the post on Revit Tools (no not the bad users) since there are a lot of new tools and I am considering a future post for that...

Thanks to everyone for reading, sharing, adding, teaching, voting, supporting, loving, friending, @ing, forwarding, liking, favorite'ing, this blog & me. I am having a great time growing with you all and will continue to inspire, infuriate, confound and everything else I do :-) 

1) Worksharing need to knows

 2) Holograms... "To all my friends" 

3) Skinput (Not helpful 'yet' but super cool)

4) Copy Monitor (Considerations for beginner to intermediate Reviteurs mostly)

5) More Dimensions of Revit (LOOK AT THE F'ing PROPERTIES DIALOGS PEOPLE!!!)

6) What's the best computer for Revit 2012 (a popular post for readers around the world) Get ready I am going to really up the anti for next year's Revit machine needs!!!

7) (most) Everything you'll need to know about Keynoting (just hit the post, then the 2 red "HERE" links)

8) That damned Revit Cow. (Just wait until RTC2012 everyone... we are going to blow your... mind(s))

9) Programmatic uses of Revit

10) Family Considerations to considerate (yes I know)

11) Keyboard Shortcuts Just for You (and you know who 'you' are)

12) So do you want to be an Architect REALLY? -A fun break from the BIM...

13) Detailing the Revit Detailing Process (NO LINES!!!)

14) Take a Ride on The Rails (A new future is inspired)

15) OMFG Building Rigs Have Unforseen uses -Those will follow next year as well!!!
Have a great New Year and be fantastic all year!!!

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