Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Oh Revit Forums You Do Love Me Don't You

A great year and great posts from around the Revit-o-sphere and I am happy to announce that a tutorial-post I created (based on some collaboration with Marcello Sgambelluri), called Make S Ride on The Rails (yes that's a link) has been voted as October's Post of the Month over at the Revit Forum.

The Image (left) links to the RFO main page where you can vote for PotY (Post Of The Year)!!! 

Voting seems to be a theme this month, huh!!!

Some pretty rarefied air up there with the other Revit Forum-eers & winners and I am quite happy about that since I must admit, I dig the attention: even though it's the post itself and not me personally that won but I can delude myself easily enough: BTW "we" call that 'dancing'!!!

Next: voting is ALIVE NOW so if you have it in you & are a member of the Revit Forums go share your power!!!

Can we get a groundswell and win that too? I am not sure, but do go and vote for your 3 favorites and know that whomsoever comes out on top it's a win-win for all of us #BimModelingFluffyKittenKillas!!!

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