Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Autodesk University 2009 Proposal Confirmation (Nice!!!) From Programming to Presentation

Dear Jay,
Thank you for your proposal to speak at Autodesk University 2009. We are pleased to inform you that your proposal has been accepted. Congratulations!

We received an overwhelming response to our request for proposals—more than 1600 submissions from over 700 individual presenters. This response demonstrates the value of AU to our community. Thank you for offering to become part of this important event.

My Class:
From Programming to Presentation: Planning with Autodesk® Revit®Architecture
90-Minute Class

Learn how to create outstanding Planning Projects in Revit Architecture. From single client T.I. to large scale Planning and Urban Designs you will learn proven concepts and techniques for creating high quality, Revit projects. We will cover several ways to efficiently integrate Planning requirements with downstream project designers and production teams. Learn how to setup projects and templates so you can prepare documents and presentations that are at once detailed, clearly informative, and convincing for your clients (not to mention downright beautiful). You may have new additional services after you leave this class! By applying the concepts of this course, you will be able to smoothly transition your existing techniques into a more powerful workflow and will be better suited to manage both large views, as well as large numbers of views.

If you have any questions, please contact AU Speaker Management .
* The Speaker Resource Center is scheduled to go live in late July.
* AU event registration for speakers will open on August 5.
* You may want to sign up for the AU Speaker Blog or follow us on Twitter to stay informed on all things AU.
Thank you for your proposal and the valuable contribution you will be making to this year’s Autodesk University. We look forward to working with you over the next few months and meeting you in Las Vegas at AU 2009!

The AU 2009 Speaker Management Team
Carol Nadler Speaker Manager
Patricia Lundberg Speaker Manager
Sophie Dupras Virtual Speaker Manager
Joseph Wurcher Content Manager

Thanks to everyone who voted for this and every session that will be presented and I will see you there!!! Thanks also to Joseph Wurcher and the entire AU Team!!!


  1. Congrats, Jay! I'm crossing my fingers that I made it, but so far I haven't heard back yet.

  2. more than 1600 submissions from over 700 individual presenters.

    WOW! way to go man!!