Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Current (?) Revit Tools and Addons

I have added a few others at the bottom of this post. Thanks to all!!!

There is a lot of inquiry about Revit addons and tools, beyond the OOTB capabilities. So in an attempt at compiling an exhaustive list this post may grow in the future. I have not tried them all so beware and use at your own risk; as always let us know the good/bad&ugly... FYI, this post is not going to deal with full applications such as green Building Studio, Ecotect, IES, E-Specs, etc., as those types of Apps stand on their own.

Here we go!!!
Autodesk Labs Always have something new and exciting
Autodesk Labs RDB Link tool (link to external data)
Autodesk Labs STL Exporter 2010
Autodesk Labs Share Now
Autodesk Labs Dragonfly (to Revit also)

If you are an Autodesk Subscription customer (and some of us are) you should always login & check in to see what additions they have, like the Globe Link, Navisworks Exporter (don't forget to get the patch!!!) Worksharing Monitor, Batch Print utility (reorders printed order of sheets too!!!), etc.!!! Don't forget all of the other Arch, Struct & MEP Extensions they have there too...

BIMjet 4D Revit schedule linking to & from MS Project

StructSoft's MWF (Metal Wood Framer)...'nuf said.

Explorer for finding Revit 2010 objects, etc.

Trelligence's Affinity for Revit Programming, Master Planning, etc.

AGA-CAD's tools4revit Truss 2010.2, Dynamic Legend, Sort&Mark, Sort&Cope, Rafter+,
Rafter+FF (enhanced), Truss+, Building Interior Designer

Avatech's Revit Utilities; Room Renumber, Change Case, Door Mark Update, RevitShitty (check that) Revitcity content browser, Earth Connector (Autodesk has their own now too), Space Update

DotSoft's XL2CAD for Revit places DXF'd (Yikes) Excel spreadsheets into Revit. I guess if you "must"

EMC2 Architects have a Keynote Manager (I think)

Dr. Angéla Germán's
reviTTools Door tag enhancements, element counts, manage linked CAD files (Yikes), manage sheet properties, DWG export, direct export to Excel, direct import Room data from Excel, Door-window-room renumbering,Transfer parameters to Doors

CDV Systems (London Infotech's Cyril Deluca-Verley) CodeBook linking program & equipment requirements to Revit

From an Augi posting Copy Schedule data from one schedule to another

That's it for now; if you have others please feel free to send them along and I'll include them and if I add more it will be below this. Cheers, -J

Thanks for this one Troy!!! CADwerx BIM & CAD Power Tools

One more (from Anonymous) Revit TV's Drawing Manager and Shared Parameters Managers.

Here's another one: EMC2's Keynote Manager!!!

More brilliance: Distance to Panels From Zach Kron. More Here too.


  1. Thanks! good info.
    Avatech also has something they call Revit utilities
    Andekan makes Revit familes, but they have a cool free download Andy and Anne

  2. The Avatech utilities are listed in my post above.

    Thanks for the Andekin, I do appreciate it!!! (although he's really ugly) :-)

  3. Thanks, great list. Another really useful Revit utility is the drawing manager from RevitTV. I believe the 2010 version is now available.

  4. J, heres another one that just came out.

    RevPac 1.0 (Beta Release) for Revit 2010

  5. FYI, you have Keynote Manager up there twice. Once with "(I think)" after it, and again at the bottom with 3 exclamation points after it :)

  6. maybe put autohotket to this list? (free shortcut program)