Monday, June 29, 2009

More Revit Components

Do you get the idea that Sketchup will actually be eclipsed by Revit for "Design" even by those who think life should be dumb and simple and inaccurate? Uhhh I mean those who use SKP.

Whether for better or not SKP is in most every Architect's hands and still has the perception (and to some degree reality) of usefulness due to the ease of creating those dumb, simple and inaccurate objects (and don't get me started on SKP adding parametrics... That does not make it BIM!!!).

Well, if you still find some people with reticence to fully use Revit because it's "too hard" to learn, or whatever -Boo Hoo- hey didn't they (almost) all go to University? or was that just an excuse for a prolonged Kegger?

But I digress; you may have begun to feel major recognition of the AEC industries' growing adoption of BIM; predominantly through the use of the Revit Platform; a shift in the industry punctuated by the exploding amount of content being created these days from Mfg's and more...

With that in mind here's another nice compilation of Revit Families for us and 'them' RevitComponents on blogspot is that place...there's also a fuller (?) pay site that you can get to from there. I like the links section too; though they could have linked to this blog ;-)!!!

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