Friday, June 19, 2009

Do we need help! (That's not a question)

.chm files (searchable "help" type of file)...Hmmm; a good way to share ideas and whitepapers, etc.?

Since too many users don't read all of the standards files, style guides, user manuals, etc. that are created for their use, is the .chm idea workable or just another file full of usefull information to be ignored by users? Remember CAD & BIM Managers, most people still don't use F1 (Help) so...

Anyway; I think it is a great idea to explore (CLICK ME!!!) and I know my previous statement seems quite cynical but I will wait until I am proved wrong (?), in the workplace to recant.

BTW: the point I linked to the CAD Enhancement posting is that they once again spell strategies to get people learning and have a link to this Microsoft App that creates .chm's, etc.

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