Friday, October 24, 2008

AU Unplugged!!!

It seems that all 3 possible AU Unplugged sessions that I submitted are on the final list (YAAY) that has opened up for all to vote on; the results of which culminate with their inclusion into an exciting part of this December's AU!!!: AU Unplugged.

Please review my submissions (re-posted below) (ok... go to the website and vote for everyone else's submissions too (if you must)) then vote for one or all of mine if you find that they could be interesting or useful. WOW, am I modest, or what?
The link for AU Unplugged Voting is here: NOW OPEN and I encourage you to share this link with anyone you know that will be at AU (or not). Voting is limited to one entry per IP address. (so use your friends computers and home also!!! :-))

Voting will be open until November 7thThe selected sessions will be posted to the AU website by November 12th.

See you at AU!!!,


Revit: What If???Jay B Zallan, VDC / Revit Leader
What if we could remake Revit from scratch? What would that look like? From a 10,000 foot view to an "on the ground" end user we can have what we want. If you have ever dreamed of transforming Revit and BIM into a truly holistic project delivery vehicle, then join us and we will work to shape the future.

The Promise of BIMJay B Zallan, VDC / Revit Leader
Integrated project delivery (IPD) and BIM is what the industry is moving towards. If we act now we can make the promise of a real integrated profession a reality. Calling all AEC futurists, forward thinkers and those who turn their own dreams into realities to a forum to not only be heard but to guide the future of BIM and all the tools we use. Have you ever thought how fantastically (profitably too) our practices would work if the central model was just that, a real Central Database; then no matter what tool was used it would work with the data in that one database...Revit, Maya, Photoshop, anything and everything would use the same data (well, just the parts it needs) and there would always be informational fidelity and harmony... How??? Come on by and we'll see!!!

Transition & Transformation: From CAD Users to Revit Superstars.Jay B Zallan, VDC / Revit Leader
The transition from CAD to Revit is so much more than even the last transition we went through, which was moving from hand drawing to CAD. I believe moving to Revit is more like going from the horse-drawn carriage to flying a rocket to the moon!!! Many of us have and are still in the midst of transitioning users into Revit and BIM, and to share our insights and to gain more perspective will forward the adoption and success rates of those responsible for transitioning users, as well as the users themselves.