Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Autodesk Expert Elite(s) + Revit Technology Conference North America: What's That Spell? J

  • Jay Zallan has been recognized by Autodesk as an Expert Elite Member.  "I am quite honored; simply to be mentioned alongside the other distinguished Expert Elite members, some of whom I know personally to be the best of the best in their fields. I would like to additionally thank the entire Autodesk team for their recognition of my efforts, toward helping evolve AEC."
  • Additionally Mr. Zallan has been added to the extraordinary lineup of speakers for the Third Annual 2013 Revit Technology Conference North America [RTCNA], to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada July11th through Saturday, July 13th. "RTC is one of the best places to share ideas about not only Revit but BIM and AECO, as it focuses on bringing industry, thought and technical leaders together, providing all attendees a unique, intimate and focused conference, forwarding the efforts of these BIM leaders worldwide."
RTC | 75 Add-Ins: 75 Minutes
Here's what I will be presenting, come July... Yes, the image is a link to the schedule ;-)
-Two things up front:
  1. I was asked to take this class over when the original speaker backed out for reasons unknown (to me). I am again honored that folks on the RTC Committee and in it's leadership thought of me when looking for speakers. It seems they feel that I can bring the goods and deliver a top notch presentation and I will endeavor to rise to this challenge once again.
  2. Don't worry, I will show 75 add-ins (at least) but we will go in-depth with a select number of those... you know: the ones that truly deserve a deeper look -and there are some, as you may (or may not) know!!!

  Hope to see you at RTCNA!!!

Autodesk Expert Elite
"Autodesk Expert Elites are the top contributors to our community—Autodesk customers who regularly share valuable insights and expertise about how to use our products and services." -Autodesk

All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I am extremely and humbly honored!!!

Thank you to not only Autodesk and RTC for their fantastic recognition but also to all of you; who continue to read and support my BIM and AEC endeavors and provide a place for my voice(s) to be heard and possibly even allowed to help!!! 

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Groin Vaults For Your Single Groin Needs

I dare say "Watch the video below" So I shall...Watch the video below (Please). If you want a quick way to model Groin Vaults that is...

Why do I dare? Well, so I don't have to elaborate (at this time) on my thinking that much of humanities' outlook; that things (Revit Modeling, in this case) are difficult or not as easy as "other" software, etc. is usually an ego response to a lack of understanding, clarity or or perspective.

I posit that many, if not most times it is us marginally evolved primates who add the complexity; it is us who fail to think things through before bounding forth... Software only does what we tell it and until we know the entire breadth (or most) of the possibilities available in a software, we are not yet qualified to render an intelligent viewpoint. But Hey, we enjoy freedom of speech, so I guess one can bring any viewpoint (erroneous or not), just be ready for the fallout ;-)

I am not saying that I don't jump into things with both guns blazing, as it were, but if I am trying to create something in a modeling software, I might try what "I Think" should be done first; but I do keep an open mind that "it very well be my lack of understanding" that makes me think "it can't be done", etc...since usually (read as: kinda all the time) it can be... That said:

Watch the 3 minute video Below (or from the link below the embed)...

Groin Vaults For Your Single Groin Needs

Actual Modeling time of Groin Vaults: 1 minute 50 seconds

If I wouldn't have been explaining at the same time, it would have taken about 1 minute or less

If you are one who complains that "in other software it only takes a few button clicks to do this" I say to you: I am NOT going to count my button clicks but I do feel that 1 minute to model a Groin Vault is really a non issue.... Oh how does "the other" software handle schedules, sheets, (Shall I go on)???