Thursday, July 25, 2013

75 Revit Add Ins | OK, Over 100 | RTCNA 2013

[EDIT 07/29/2013] "Additions To The Main Handout" was added as a link and embed at the bottom of this posting... My fear of inadvertently leaving some Add-ins out was made clear by Chris Price (Mr. Spot) and we (I) thank him for reminding me about Xrev's offerings... and being gracious about it :-) [END EDIT except for the embed and link below ;-)]

 So RTCNA 2013 is over, my knee is healing from an early morning post-party spill ;-) No worries, just a scrape :-) so now is the time to post my handout. BUT FIRST: I do need to explain. The class was run with a kind of Socratic Method to it... A lot of questions for the crowd, a portion of the class was "taught" by some of the actual developers of the add-ins listed and I would like to thank everyone who participated for helping make it an awesome session!!!

OK, now to the handout that you can get from the image, link below or from the embed, also below... One final thought before you get them: I do have some comments about the add ins mentioned but be aware: YOU MUST VET THESE OUT FOR YOURSELVES, MY NEEDS ARE DISTINCT FROM YOURS, SO SOME ADD-INS MAY BE RIGHT FOR YOU THAT AREN'T FOR ME; SO PLEASE DON'T EXPECT FULL REPORTING OF WHAT EACH ONE DOES IN MY WORLD. Also you may want to "test" them on a non-production machine since some are a bit of a pain to uninstall... OK, Ready? GO!!!