Tuesday, June 30, 2009

____(1)fest 2009

____ing (2) in a ____ (3)can? Better than that!!!

First off to Virginia Gardiner, the Designer of the Loowatt, I apologize for the low-brow nature of this post; It's really ____y(4) of me...

I truly respect and advocate this kind of work. I am impressed and inspired by your expression of great creativity!!!

I just couldn't help myself.

Besides the articles and videos I linked to are so good on their own that anything additionally written should (I thought) be completely distinct.

That said I have to go (on). (5)

If you never have, already have or ever do plan on using a toilet then these articles will truly inspire -and if you have never used a toilet and yet are reading this please reply back and tell us how it is to have internet connectivity and yet have no toilet... really; I know there are some of you out there.

I am really trying to hold it in (6)... no, no, no (7), you know, all the ____(8) humor, uhh sorry... ____(9) humor... this ____(10) is no joking matter!!!

The Waste Opportunity (NOT wasted)!!!

The crapper reinvented Thanks also to Thomas!!!???

Made from ____(11) and ____(12) made into it and into energy too (all ____(13) puns intended ;-) after all)

Oh ____(14); ____(15) is no longer a dirty word YAAY!!! one down, six to go!!! See the more complete videos here...Part 1 and here, Part 2 and here Part 3. I am sure those who posted these all got legal clearances too!!! If not they are really up ____(16) creek with no paddles...

Finally perhaps we can tell Matt & Trey that (__)__'s(17) ok to say again!!! well I only came up with 17, not 162...

Monday, June 29, 2009

More Revit Components

Do you get the idea that Sketchup will actually be eclipsed by Revit for "Design" even by those who think life should be dumb and simple and inaccurate? Uhhh I mean those who use SKP.

Whether for better or not SKP is in most every Architect's hands and still has the perception (and to some degree reality) of usefulness due to the ease of creating those dumb, simple and inaccurate objects (and don't get me started on SKP adding parametrics... That does not make it BIM!!!).

Well, if you still find some people with reticence to fully use Revit because it's "too hard" to learn, or whatever -Boo Hoo- hey didn't they (almost) all go to University? or was that just an excuse for a prolonged Kegger?

But I digress; you may have begun to feel major recognition of the AEC industries' growing adoption of BIM; predominantly through the use of the Revit Platform; a shift in the industry punctuated by the exploding amount of content being created these days from Mfg's and more...

With that in mind here's another nice compilation of Revit Families for us and 'them' RevitComponents on blogspot is that place...there's also a fuller (?) pay site that you can get to from there. I like the links section too; though they could have linked to this blog ;-)!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tweet Tweet: Twit or Twitter?

So I broke down and Twitted myself up. You can follow HERE, (or click the painting of the hand on the sidebar) if you like; I did and it's free...
Well truthfully, I am not following myself and really there will be costs to Twits everywhere!!!

More Twit Links:

The Python Folks

Twit TV

Miriam Webster's views

Python Scriptz

Pregnant Goldfish -Well, somewhere on this blog the word 'twit' comes up... like the main title.

Finally (I am over finding interesting twit sites for now) anyways, as I said; finally I searched for 'BIM and twits' and found among the throngs the following page (notice the $ amount of their services... yikes!!!) and then ask where the work is going... or not??? BIM services (from India)at affordable (I'd say ridiculous) rates (USD $10 to $15/hr) include: • 3D modeling • BIM • MEP • HVAC

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Current (?) Revit Tools and Addons

I have added a few others at the bottom of this post. Thanks to all!!!

There is a lot of inquiry about Revit addons and tools, beyond the OOTB capabilities. So in an attempt at compiling an exhaustive list this post may grow in the future. I have not tried them all so beware and use at your own risk; as always let us know the good/bad&ugly... FYI, this post is not going to deal with full applications such as green Building Studio, Ecotect, IES, E-Specs, etc., as those types of Apps stand on their own.

Here we go!!!
Autodesk Labs Always have something new and exciting
Autodesk Labs RDB Link tool (link to external data)
Autodesk Labs STL Exporter 2010
Autodesk Labs Share Now
Autodesk Labs Dragonfly (to Revit also)

If you are an Autodesk Subscription customer (and some of us are) you should always login & check in to see what additions they have, like the Globe Link, Navisworks Exporter (don't forget to get the patch!!!) Worksharing Monitor, Batch Print utility (reorders printed order of sheets too!!!), etc.!!! Don't forget all of the other Arch, Struct & MEP Extensions they have there too...

BIMjet 4D Revit schedule linking to & from MS Project

StructSoft's MWF (Metal Wood Framer)...'nuf said.

Explorer for finding Revit 2010 objects, etc.

Trelligence's Affinity for Revit Programming, Master Planning, etc.

AGA-CAD's tools4revit Truss 2010.2, Dynamic Legend, Sort&Mark, Sort&Cope, Rafter+,
Rafter+FF (enhanced), Truss+, Building Interior Designer

Avatech's Revit Utilities; Room Renumber, Change Case, Door Mark Update, RevitShitty (check that) Revitcity content browser, Earth Connector (Autodesk has their own now too), Space Update

DotSoft's XL2CAD for Revit places DXF'd (Yikes) Excel spreadsheets into Revit. I guess if you "must"

EMC2 Architects have a Keynote Manager (I think)

Dr. Angéla Germán's
reviTTools Door tag enhancements, element counts, manage linked CAD files (Yikes), manage sheet properties, DWG export, direct export to Excel, direct import Room data from Excel, Door-window-room renumbering,Transfer parameters to Doors

CDV Systems (London Infotech's Cyril Deluca-Verley) CodeBook linking program & equipment requirements to Revit

From an Augi posting Copy Schedule data from one schedule to another

That's it for now; if you have others please feel free to send them along and I'll include them and if I add more it will be below this. Cheers, -J

Thanks for this one Troy!!! CADwerx BIM & CAD Power Tools

One more (from Anonymous) Revit TV's Drawing Manager and Shared Parameters Managers.

Here's another one: EMC2's Keynote Manager!!!

More brilliance: Distance to Panels From Zach Kron. More Here too.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Resetting the Revit Architecture 2010 user interface

If you are one of those (us) who constantly fucks with their software & interfaces (at least as much as you can) and you do this to the point that they are not just self-customized, but all screwed up and perhaps unusable anymore...well are you? If so ADSK has a tool for you!!! Click on Resetting the Revit Architecture 2010 user interface for their Knowledge Base Search document explaining it all... including the all necessary .vbs file and everything!!!

Now just leave the interface alone and get to work!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Do we need help! (That's not a question)

.chm files (searchable "help" type of file)...Hmmm; a good way to share ideas and whitepapers, etc.?

Since too many users don't read all of the standards files, style guides, user manuals, etc. that are created for their use, is the .chm idea workable or just another file full of usefull information to be ignored by users? Remember CAD & BIM Managers, most people still don't use F1 (Help) so...

Anyway; I think it is a great idea to explore (CLICK ME!!!) and I know my previous statement seems quite cynical but I will wait until I am proved wrong (?), in the workplace to recant.

BTW: the point I linked to the CAD Enhancement posting is that they once again spell strategies to get people learning and have a link to this Microsoft App that creates .chm's, etc.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Autodesk University 2009 Proposal Confirmation (Nice!!!) From Programming to Presentation

Dear Jay,
Thank you for your proposal to speak at Autodesk University 2009. We are pleased to inform you that your proposal has been accepted. Congratulations!

We received an overwhelming response to our request for proposals—more than 1600 submissions from over 700 individual presenters. This response demonstrates the value of AU to our community. Thank you for offering to become part of this important event.

My Class:
From Programming to Presentation: Planning with Autodesk® Revit®Architecture
90-Minute Class

Learn how to create outstanding Planning Projects in Revit Architecture. From single client T.I. to large scale Planning and Urban Designs you will learn proven concepts and techniques for creating high quality, Revit projects. We will cover several ways to efficiently integrate Planning requirements with downstream project designers and production teams. Learn how to setup projects and templates so you can prepare documents and presentations that are at once detailed, clearly informative, and convincing for your clients (not to mention downright beautiful). You may have new additional services after you leave this class! By applying the concepts of this course, you will be able to smoothly transition your existing techniques into a more powerful workflow and will be better suited to manage both large views, as well as large numbers of views.

If you have any questions, please contact AU Speaker Management .
* The Speaker Resource Center is scheduled to go live in late July.
* AU event registration for speakers will open on August 5.
* You may want to sign up for the AU Speaker Blog or follow us on Twitter to stay informed on all things AU.
Thank you for your proposal and the valuable contribution you will be making to this year’s Autodesk University. We look forward to working with you over the next few months and meeting you in Las Vegas at AU 2009!

The AU 2009 Speaker Management Team
Carol Nadler Speaker Manager
Patricia Lundberg Speaker Manager
Sophie Dupras Virtual Speaker Manager
Joseph Wurcher Content Manager

Thanks to everyone who voted for this and every session that will be presented and I will see you there!!! Thanks also to Joseph Wurcher and the entire AU Team!!!

Annals of Innovation

(He said Annal) -I know it's quite Beavis and Butthead...that's the point...He he he he... (I'm not cool enough to recall any South Park reference for this!!!).

On to business!

We can affect change, even as perceived "weak" individuals or small groups against larger more "powerful" groups... Take heed no matter what side of this you find yourself, at any given time...

Know the rules of the game independent of the known constructs and deal with problems with clear vision...NO EMOTIONS, NO SENTIMENTALITY, BRUTAL HONESTY, etc.


Get ready to read!!! Thanks (to the "unknowing that I quoted them") New Yorker and Malcom Gladwell

Friday, June 12, 2009

Organize This!!!

Do you remember this article from last year? Did you ever see it? Have you used it? If not you may want to... Organizing the Development of a Building Model by: Jim Bedrick

That along with These Documents cited in the article, from the IPD-CA folks as well as the AIA's IPD Guide can help fill your mind with possibilities; while these may overload you they still give insight into processes to verify and validate our progress into the Future of VDC.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Here's some Fear and Loathing ...And a bit of Hard Core M&Music

I don't know if you could tell but I've always liked Eminem's music... very original, creative and hardcore, honest etc. Well if you like his stuff check out THIS REMIX by Travis Barker of Eminem's 3am... Slam dem drums T... Great Groove; the kids love it and it's green too!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Revit 2010 to Navisworks 2010 Hotfix

So have you found Revit 2010 exports to Navisworks 2010 have some...well... little funny issues? Like not cutting walls where doors and/or windows exist? If so (or if you don't want to find out) you can get the HotFix Here.

What does ADSK say about the HotFix? They say that it..."Resolves issue with openings (e.g. windows and doors) being displayed as solid objects within Navisworks when using the Navisworks export plugin from within Revit."

Thanks to MM for cluing me in hours after this was made available!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Long Live the Sharpie

Yeah, yeah yeah, it's not Revit but we sometimes need inspiration. Plus dispelling myths about folks from the south is fun!!!

In case you never saw what $10.00 worth of sharpies, time and inspiration can do, just click the following link:
Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie