Friday, December 14, 2012

AU 2012 Review Underway But First | Something (nearly) Completely Different

I will be finishing my AU2012 Review but since it's not finished and I want to get something of use out there this week, here is this:

Yes, it's true @LARUG is trying in their own small way to impact AECO worldwide... One small step for AECO, one giant leap for BIM-kind...

As always the image and this are the links to the whole story ;-)

Friday, December 07, 2012

It IS Nice to be Noticed

Yes it is Graham, yes it is... BTW all, Graham is helping keep UK BIM Awesome!!! tweet him up and let's get him posting more :-) HAHA Let's get ME posting more while we're at it XD (Do I need say: The image links to Graham's Blog?)

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Coordinate and Dominate BIM Project Success

AU2012 is right around the corner! Only two weeks to get into my Collaboration Session, so Hurry and Register for it, if you haven't done so already ;-)
  • This year I will be bringing you a session that will surely prove great, bringing together diverse viewpoints and insights into the Collaboration & Coordination realm. 
  • Four Disciplines, all giving the best available information, to help you successfully coordinate your BIM projects... Pretty cool, if you ask me!!!
  • Check out this and some other AU2012 classes, linked via images throughout this post :-)

You will glean insights from:

Troy Gates
BIM Director, early Revit adopter, respected Technology Expert.

Darren Roos
BIM Director, Construction Technology Leader and AEC influencer.

Marcello Sgambelluri
BIM Director, Process and Technology Mentor and Modeling Breakthrough Artist.

 Jay B Zallan
BIM Director focused on Transforming AECO's Viewpoints for Success.

Also look into attending these AU2012 sessions:

Jennifer Storey's session: Managing the Construction Administration Phase in Autodesk® Revit.

Sure to be an eye opener for many!!!



Brian Andresen (Hit the link @ left for his 2 sessions).


The LARUG Consortium is nicely represented!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Got Publications? LinkedIn can aggregate 'em!!! | Jay Zallan's Published Articles

LinkedIn keeps getting better and has been adding some quite useful pieces... One that I find great is the Publications section; whether this is new or not isn't the point...point is: it's great.

Cutting to the chase: The image links to my LinkedIn profile where one can scroll down a bit and find the publications...

Nice!!! Now I can get to them at a moment's notice...well, with a good web connection that is ;-)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get Those F'ing aCAD Lines Out of Revit!!!

Ever get an idiot...uhh I mean team mate exploding CAD files in Revit?

Ever get remnant CAD crap like line types in Revit?

Want them eradicated?

I thought so. Too bad the state of Revit is such that internally (for now???) they can only be deleted one-by-one...

Painful with hundreds of lines, huh?

Well lookie here...

 Thanks to once again for bringing so many minds together, like CASE-Inc.Revitonic, etc. And You!!!

The Solutions Are In This Thread or by clicking the images below!!!

Direct links found via the images below, ya go...
And remember:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Are We Done Yet? CSI @ JAMA Saturday, September 29th

The Los Angeles Chapter of the CSI is having another great symposium: Are We Done Yet?

This will be where you can find Jay B Zallan presenting with Marcello Sgambelluri and Michael N Smith during the Technology and the Closeout Process session (#3) at John A Martin Associates, Saturday, September 29th. Links & Images below are to all the goodness!!! -Just be sure to Register Before September 26th, if you plan on attending!!!

Hope to see you all there!!! (yeah everyone, right ;-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

AU2012 Coming, RTC2013 On Deck | 'You Going?

RTC2012 was Truly fantastic, from the amazing classes, world class presenters and networking opportunities; not to mention the pool parties!!! If you are debating the possibility of attending one of the RTC2013 events, maybe this will help...

The folks at RTC put together this video and for me to be included with the likes of Phil Read and David Harrington, etc. is quite an honor and one of the reasons that I try to bring my "A-Game" to every presentation!!! ...I know who's watching!!!

NOW, it's that time of year again; AU2012 is right around the corner! 
  • This year I will be bringing you a session that will be a great one, bringing together diverse viewpoints and insights into the Collaboration & Coordination realm. 
  • Four Disciplines, all giving the best available information, to help you successfully coordinate your BIM projects... Pretty cool, if you ask me!!!
  • Check out the other classes by Marcello & Darren via the links below
Space is filling up, so go sign up, if you want to glean insights from the likes of

Troy Gates
BIM Director, early Revit adopter, respected Technology Expert.

Darren Roos
BIM Director, Construction Technology Leader and AEC influencer.

Marcello Sgambelluri
BIM Director, Process and Technology Mentor and Modeling Breakthrough Artist.

 Jay B Zallan
BIM Director focused on Transforming AEC's Viewpoints for Success.

Also look into attending these AU2012 sessions:

Jennifer Storey's session: Managing the Construction Administration Phase in Autodesk® Revit.

Sure to be an eye opener for many!!!



Brian Andresen (Hit the link @ left for his 2 sessions).


The LARUG Consortium is nicely represented!!!

The Call for Abstracts is open for RTCAUS So if you have what it takes to stand in front of your peers and industry leaders alike, provide unique insights and processes then go send in your abstracts!!!

I can hardly wait for RTCNA (Not just USA) in Vancouver, Canada July 10th - 13th. Get your Passport's ready!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating Custom Revit Families | Little Details Count!!!

Q: Looking to learn how to create Revit Families the right way?
A: Count on Little Details Count, in a Big Way... 750+ pages Big!!! 

Check out (and buy) Little Details Count's eBook by Michael Anonuevo. Click the image below to do just that!!! I Got Mine!!!

I hear there's a drop-down when purchasing that allows you to choose this site as your referral site, but is it necessary to use that? No. It would be nice to know what impact we are having, so if you do use it I'd appreciate it, but the choice is yours :-)

FYI: I tried to get extra discounts for you (my readers) but that wouldn't have been fair and would have put MA in an awkward position, so no discounts beyond the bulk purchase discounts that are great in themselves!! Regardless of our getting special perks or not this eBook is a great resource and well worth the money!!!

Now, to be completely transparent I did get my copy for free, perhaps for several reasons...
1) I am a friend & collaborator of Michael's
2) I am helping him get the word out here
3) I have worked with him to QA/QC his earlier Family building processes

I'd like to think it's due to our collaborations and history but whatever the reason; I give this eBook my praise & support simply because it is a great resource, jam packed with most everything one needs to build Revit content...other than an indomitable spirit that is ;-) -That last part you'll have to bring yourself and no, I am not joking: attitude is oft the deciding factor between success and failure!!!

I usually do not suggest 'pay-to-play' items, but this eBook endeavors to encapsulate all that any Reviteur would need covered to become effective & well rounded content creators. Purchasing now will also get you the Revit 2013 updated eBook...

If one wants to learn how to create Revit content and feels that $19.95 for this eBook is not worth the expenditure, I'd suggest they find another line of work. Fast!!!

At $20 (OK Michael, $19.95) I think it's a slam dunk to buy, for that special loved one in your life...Yourself!!! ;-)

That goes for BIM Leaders as well; buy copies for your staff and become the pride of your Revit community!

Monday, August 20, 2012

LARUG Presents | August

Well now, the Los Angeles Revit Users Group and it's LARUG Presents | August slate of presentations has been a great success so far and both the live stream and the recorded presentations are getting a lot of views, so to make things even more accessible, use the links above for info & handouts as well as below for an embed of the first night's presentations...

Note: the Adaptive Family Scaling portion was edited out based on a request by Marcello... Look for a class in the future...That will be a great one for sure.

LARUG BIM Consortium's YouTube Channel Link

We highly suggest showing up live, you never know what special surprises we will have for live attendees!!!

This week The Consortium will be in the Inland Empire (well, San Dimas actually) and Brian Andresen will be leading the meeting in San Francisco, with Autodesk 360 being represented by Scott D. Davis we hear ;-)

Monday, July 16, 2012

RTC USA 2012 Reconstructing the AEC Practice Volume 1

Before we (and when I say 'we' I mean 'I') post our recap & overview of RTC USA 2012 we offer our PDF and PowerPoint from Session 8, that had some, if not all attendees transfixed and transformed!!!

Need more RTC Info? CLICK HERE.

If the images don't get you to the direct downloads then scroll to the bottom of this post for old school links...

Top-most image = PDF, bottom-most = PPT... Enjoy (& use them!!!)

PDF Download Here

PowerPoint Download Here

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Practical BIM 2012: Practically Here!!!

USC School of Architecture is at it again with it's 6th Annual BIM Symposium, July 13th, 2012 in LA and the #BIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas_LA & the @LARUG Leadership Consortium are excited to be part of & opening the festivities!!! Well, if the current draft schedule holds at least :-)

As always, all the links and images are...well...links!!!

Marcello Sgambelluri (@leftyinvalid):  
CRITICAL ISSUES AND BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES: In order to have a successful BIM Project 

Jay B Zallan (@JayZallan):  

Troy R Gates (@TroyGates):
PRACTICAL BIM EXECUTION PLANS: A Guide to Building a Practical Plan for Your Projects

For more information use the links and images herein and also see LARUG's Blog for some other USC BIMposiums for 2012!!!

Huge amounts of gratitude goes out to Professors Douglas Noble & Karen Kensek from USC School of Architecture who are the folks responsible for putting These and other BIMposiums on!!! Los Angeles, AEC & the World is truly better for all that you do!!!

Many of our friends and colleagues are also speaking and we think they are all great & hope to see you there!!!  Other #BIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas:
Brian Skripac: @BrianSkripac
Brian Andresen: @CADBIMManager
David Graue: @dgraue
Mario Guttman: @MarioGuttman
So many more, so little twitter... apologies if I didn't include you in the above twitter list... I just couldn't find you there...Let me know your twitter name & I will surely add you herein!!!

PRACTICAL BIM 2012 SPEAKER LIST (in no particular order that I can find :-)

BIM FORWARD: From Push to Pull – Best Practices for Implementing BIM
Michael LeFevre, FAIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C; Vice President, Planning & Design Support | Building Information Modeling, Holder Construction Company

PRACTICAL BIM EXECUTION PLANS: A Guide to Building a Practical Plan for Your Projects
Troy R. Gates; Design Technologies Manager, Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch

NEED TO KNOW BASIS: Managing Varying Levels of BIM Proficiency on a Project Team
Kirstyn Bonneau, LEED AP; BIM Manager, PBWS Architects

CRITICAL ISSUES AND BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES: In order to have a successful BIM Project
Marcello Sgambelluri, SE; BIM Director
John A. Martin & Associates, Inc.

Nelly P. Garcia-Lopez; PhD Student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Martin Fischer, Ph.D.; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University
Raymond E. Levitt, Ph.D.; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects, Stanford University

PRACTICAL BIM SUPPORT: Creative Training Solutions for CAD/BIM Managers
Brian D Andresen; Director, CAD/BIM Systems, WLC Architects Inc.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Introducing Construction And Structural Logic Through Detailed Modeling
Anton Harfmann; Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
Troy Newell; Second year M.Arch 1 student, University of Cincinnati

BIM+THE DESIGN PROCESS: Adventures Incorporating BIM in the Design Studio
Daniel Janotta AIA; Principal, Johnson Fain
Jed Donaldson AIA, LEEDAP; Senior Associate, Johnson Fain
Mark Owen; Director of Technology, Johnson Fain

CUSTOMIZING BIM: Enhancing Efficiency and Capability with Application Programming
Mario Guttman, AIA, LEED AP; Design Applications Research Leader, Perkins+Will

Jay B Zallan, I.C.E.; VDC, BIM Director, Perkowitz+Ruth Architects

5D BIM CONSTRUCTION WORKLOW: Implementing BIM in Cost Estimating, Scheduling and Construction Management
Stan Zhao, LEED AP; BIM Specialist, Balfour Beatty Construction

THE EVOLUTION OF LEARNING: How Technology can Advance Corporate BIM Training Initiatives
Troy Barbu, Associate; BIM Innovation Manager, Davis Langdon, An AECOM Company

CONNECTED BIM: Cloud Computing and Large Scale Project Collaboration
Dennis R Shelden, AIA PhD; CTO Gehry Technologies / Associate Professor of Practice, MIT

SINGAPORE SPORTS HUB: Practical BIM on an Impractical Project
Phil Lazarus, Architect, MBA; BIMTroublemaker

THE BIM BANDWAGON: The Time to Jump Is Now
Heather Trezise, Assoc. AIA, LEED BD+C; HDR, Inc

OPEN BIM: Real Interoperability, Practical Collaboration
Jeffrey W. Ouellette, Assoc. AIA; Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.
Jeffrey Server, Assoc. AIA, ASLA, LEED AP; Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

A MORE PRACTICAL BIM: Geospatially Re-structuring BIM to Sustain the Built Environment
Patrick Wallis, AICP, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, GISP; Consultant/Project Manager, Esri

COMMON SENSE BIM: The Non-Technology Side of BIM
Greg Smith, VDC; Director, Skanska USA Building

BIM STANDARD INDEXING: Stakeholder Provisioned Internet Accessible Information

bimSCORE—GPS FOR BIM NAVIGATION: From Aspirations to Quantitative Measures of Success
Calvin Kam, PhD, AIA, PE, LEED AP; Founder,

(UN)REAL BIM: Providing a Unique BIM Experience in Virtual Reality
Vaughn T. Horn, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP; Assistant Professor, Tuskegee University

SMALL GREEN BIM: Using Climate to Compute Form
François Lévy, AIA, AIAA; Principal, François Lévy, Architect and Partner, synthesis-intl.

BIM LEADERSHIP: Getting Beyond the Technology
Brian P. Skripac, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C; Director of BIM at DesignGroup

BUILDING CENSUS: Immediate BIM benefits for large portfolio owners
Ryan Ghere, President, MABEC Group

David J. Graue, AIA, Leed AP; Design Build Manager, HNTB
Gautam R Shenoy; PA, HNTB

CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION BIM: Shop drawings & Logistics
Reginald Jackson, AIA; Vice President, Morley Builders
Edward So, LEED AP; Manager of Virtual Construction Manager, Morley Builders

SNOWFLAKE THEORY: Project Based Approach to BIM Management and Level of Development
Daniel Shirkey, EIT, LEED® AP BD+C; BIM Specialist, Balfour Beatty Construction
Monica Lubag; BIM Specialist, Balfour Beatty Construction

IMPLEMENTING BIM: A Consultative Approach
Leo Salcé, Intl Assoc AIA, LEED AP; Senior Consultant, Microdesk

OWNER TAKES THE LEAD: Re-purposing Data and Technology for Lifecycle BIM
Michael Cervantes, AIA, LEED AP BD+C; BIM Manager Los Angeles Community College District

THE VIRTUAL BIG ROOM; Be Here Now with Immersive Reality
Cliff S. Moser, MSQA, AIA; Executive Vice President, Architecture AECCatalyst, LCC.

PRACTICAL BIM: The new operating system of the AEC industry
Viktor Bullain; TCCO

NORTH CAMPUS BRIDGE: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Fabian Kremkus, AIA, BDA; Associate Principal, CO Architects

Darren Roos, LEED AP, and Anamika Sharma; Suffolk Construction

PRACTICAL USE OF B.I.M. In Design and Construction For An Integrated Design / Build Approach:
Marc Howell; McCarthy Building Companies

AECOsim BUILDING DESIGNER: New BIM Software Integrates All Disciplines
Tom Lazear; Archway Systems, Inc.

A DECISION SUPPORT METHOD for Reducing Embodied Environmental Impacts During Early Stage Building Design
John Basbagill and Mike Lepech; Stanford University

BIM CONCEPTUAL PLANNING With An Integrated Design-Build Team
Elton Murakami, DBIA, LEED AP; Sr. Preconstruction Manager, PANKOW

Jonatan Schumacher; 
Director of Advanced Computational Modeling, 
Thornton Tomasetti

ALGORITHMS ARE THOUGHTS: Performance-Driven BIM through Computational Ideation
Nathan Miller; Associate,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AU2012 Autodesk University Call for Submissions Ends Today: Got Mine, You Yours?

Here's to all of the thousands of people who submitted for AU Classes...Cheers!!!

From the looks of it AU2012 will again be an amazing amalgam of creativity, productivity, learning and strippers...uhhh...ummm...woops... I mean professional networking!!!

If you want to potentially present there, you had better get on it; you have through today, April 22nd to submit...

I hope they at least choose my 'Adaptive Rigs & Breakthroughs' class & my Favorite: 'Coordinate & Dominate BIM Success'... though the other two would not be shabby either!!!

Submit Without Giving In :-)

See you at #AU2012!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Work at Home on 'Some' Work-Sharing Files Posting

In a reply to a RFO question I added the following that I think can be helpful to many folks...Until Revit Server & other remote solutions are "Lights-On" bullet-proof at least :-) (Yes the image above IS a link as always ;-)

(Paraphrased) Q: I want to work at home with a Work-sharing file.

The first reply was by Aaron Maller

Not practically.

You can each check out work-sets "at risk," and then edit them as local files while separated, but it has a high volatility and a low success rate amongst anything but the best users: And even then, it fails often.

Then came my reply...

What you may be able to try is this, if the office model is set enough and the work needed is more internal or completely new portions of the model are needed, or for interior component work, etc.

This doesn't work for all situations but it will for some...consider your options carefully :-)


1) Detach the Central Model

1a) Save to media or location such as Drop-Box, etc.
1b) Purge Unused (keeps the file as small as possible) *Unless you will need objects from this model that are yet unused*

2) Save that copy AS A NEW CENTRAL Model on the remote (home, etc.) computer

2a) Be sure to Synchronize To Central after Save
2b) Relinquish everything
2c) Compact the file
2d) Close it

3) Start a New Project

3a) Save this as a Central Model
3b) Create a Workset using your name (for example)
2b) Do all of your work in that Workset *Annotations and some objects won't respect that Workset, so be sure to catalog all of the work you do that falls outside of pure modeling, so those things can be copied in when this goes back to the office*

4) Link (Origin to Origin) the Central Model from steps 1 & 2

5) Recreate any Levels in this new project in the same places as the "office" model

5a) Change the Level Names in the new project (perhaps adding your initials as a prefix) *this will keep issues away later*

6) Work in the new model, placing objects as needed

6a) Synchronize To Central
6b) Relinquish everything
6c) Compact the file
6d) Close it
6e) Get this file back to the 'office'


7) Link (Origin to Origin) the Remote Model from steps 3 to 6

8) Bind the link (Bringing in Levels 'should' not be necessary, unless you made new ones, in that case let them come in and delete the unused ones) *This is why using different Level Names was important in the Remote file*

9) Ungroup the bound file *Binding creates a group

Every model object should be in the proper spot, a little clean up may be in order and any anno, sheets, etc. may need to be copy/pasted in too... I think that covers the process enough to get going, if this seems a valid workflow for your specific needs.

Monday, April 30, 2012

AUGIworld April 2012: More Of: What's New For You!

I like the title of this post as a statement, not a question!!! Here you go, you know the drill hit the images and links and then read everything we have to say in the Revit Architecture article on pages 28 through 35.

OK, OK, you can read all the other great contributors too ;-) ...there, is that better (less egocentric) now?

Direct Download the April 2012 Issue Here
Or... for whatever time you see this go here for the...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's New In Revit 2013 -Well DL's take on it at least!!!

First off: Look out for AUGIworld in the April issue, as Marcello Sgambelluri & I have collaborated to pen an article a few big parts (according to us) of these "what's new" things... That article will have some How to use What's new!!! (I will add the link here when it's out!!!)

Next up: Thanks David!!! Damned timezone/dateline!!! 

I really hate the dateline sometimes... At least I can count David as one of my BIM friends... he and all the other #UKBIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas may not have the coolness of the #NYBIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas or the star power (also read as weather) of the #LABIMmodelingFluffyKittenKillas but they have the drop on us regarding date changes!!! Cheers to DL for being the first-best "bringer of that which is really not old at all in Revit"

...although the materials' editor, etc. is an old style similar to what was in 3D Studio MAX, when it was 3D Studio MAX ...way before ADSK even... but I digress...

Hit the image below for all that is good in the world...OK, hit the image for what's new for you in Revit 2013 at least!!!

And now for something completely different: A man with Revit What's New

Monday, March 26, 2012

NDA 2 B Respected

Now I can exercise my fair share of civil protest & I am a hardcore defender of free speech, even if I completely disagree with the speech, but there is a line of respect that I feel needs deference: One's own word...

Now, we can all step out from that one at times but those few (perhaps just one person) who broke their ADSK NDA regarding; well, I won't even say... has In my opinion lost his credibility with me.

I don't know the reasoning he gave for breaking the NDA he agreed to but I don't care either, perhaps he did it to be first, whatever, I say (figuratively :-) Fuck him and anyone else who breaks these agreements.

Although I considered him a Revit friend, I am still left with the feeling that breaking these NDA's exhibits such lack of respect and integrity I have chosen to remove his site's link from this page's blogroll... OOOOHHHHH SCARY... Will this mean very much? probably not a lot but I hope a little... I will end with the following little note to him...

Dear, "(You Know Who You Are)Boom dot blogspot dot com",
Please rethink the importance of integrity and being true to your agreements. A man has 2 things: (to paraphrase Tony Montana from Scarface): 'A man has got 2 things in this life, his balls and his word and I won't break either for anyone' -Pretty good words, even if from a partially fictional character... WhereTF is your character?

So now that you broke your word I hope ADSK breaks your balls!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

RTC USA: You, Me, Troy and Marcello

Are you going to RTC USA 2012? I think you should!!! There's value in dem dere hills!!!

Registration is wide open and I am glad to say that there is some good representation from the Revit community.

I am happy to say that The Los Angeles BIM Consortium: Marcello Sgambelluri, Troy Gates & Jay B Zallan will be presenting at the 2nd Annual RTC USA Revit/BIM/GeekFest & Extravaganza!!! Congrats to us and all the other speakers!!!

Teaser Alert!!! We (The Los Angeles BIM Consortium) will also be showcasing some extracurricular Revit collaborations we are working on, and these are poised to...well... you'll just have to wait and see, touch & taste??? ;-)

The Los Angeles BIM Consortium

Held this year at the Stone Mountain Resort, Georgia; in what looks to be a beautiful, hot, humid kind of somewhat remote place; where, if you enjoy nightlife you are going to have issues since the park it sits in has gates that lock you out at night (no kidding).

First up: Jay Zallan's Class.  
Success in Revit: Reconstructing the AEC Process for BIM
I guess nepotism is alive and well since that's me :-) ...No, No, No; I want to save the best for last!!!

This class stems from the need for AEC firms to rebuild their processes, distinct from 'traditional' CAD workflows (or Un-Working-Flows) to efficient BIM-centric processes.

Yes I know CAD should encompass BIM, since it means "Computer Aided Design", unfortunately most of AEC filters CAD into 'Computer Drafting' and that surely kills cute, fluffy kittens too!!!

If you'd like to read the genesis of these concepts as a precurser to the class please hit this link to the Design Intelligence piece I authored. One of my favorite quotes (of myself), from that article is:

OK, next we're onto Troy Gates' session...
Automating a Revit Model from a(n) MS Access Database for Equipment Planning
You know I will be there, so should you!!! These techniques will go a long way in dealing with the I in BIM, as well as some M and B too :-)

This session will absolutely be great and without giving anything away, these techniques will be far reaching...way down into your data stream... fishing anyone?

Now here's one of the few who's multiple sessions are truly appropriate & deserved!!! Marcello Sgambelluri.

Marcello has several classes at both RTC USA 2012, as well as RTC AU... Needless to say you should plan on going to all of his sessions, along with ours, as the labs in particular will set your Revit skills to flight...

I think his class titles speak for themselves, so without further ado...

Well, that should get you inspired but if you are somehow not yet convinced that RTC USA 2012 is for you, then add to these classes & presenters some other greats like David Light, James Vandezande, Don Rudder, David Fano, Phil Read, Matt Jezyk, Zach Kron & more of your fav's.

The RTC USA 2012 Speakers (alphabetical, from their site): Paul Aubin, Todd Baxter, Don Bokmiller, Tina Bos, Harlan Brumm, Dennis Burns, Kelly Cone, R. Sean Darnell, Bill Debevc, Doug Evans, David Fano, Troy Gates, Brett Gatti, Mario Guttman, Plamen Hristov, Zach Kron, Michelle Leonard, David Light, Brian/Dez Mackey, Aaron Maller, Robert Manna, Michael Massey, Patrick Olson, Rodd Perey, Jeffrey Pinheiro, Don Rudder, Marcello Sgambelluri, Steven Shell, Jereme Smith, Lilli Smith, Solomon Smith, David Spehar, Daniel Stine, Kelvin Tam, Melanie Tristram, James Vandezande, Steve Voorhees, Mortimer Vunderbight, Tim Waldock, Doug Williams, Irina Wong, Jay B Zallan, Tomislav Zigo & the (fucking odd) More speakers to come soon...

More RTC USA 2012 Speakers on the .pdf only (NOT alphabetical): Adam Thomas, Simon Whitbread, Krista Manna, Timothy Grimm, John Tocci, Michelle Mccarthy, Steve Germano, Parley Burnett, Bryan Novotny, Kirk Bricker, Lonnie Cumpton, Rabi Sidawi, Michael Zeeveld, Zach Kron, Ken Stowe, Brandon Pike & Kirstin Buehrich, Shruti Harve, Matthew Nelson, Silvia Taurer, Hidetoshi Dote, Wil Wiens, Federico Negro, Joel Londenberg, Danny Polkinhom, Michael Smith, Cyril Verley, Chris Needham, Dimtrii Pokrovskii & Neil Topliffe, Michelle Leonard,  Josh Taylor, Tim Riefenberg, Jose Fandos, Robert Mencarini, Kushagra Mittal, Ian Molloy, Shawn Zirbes, Steve Jolley, Chris Needham, Patrick Olson, Bruce Mccallum, Joe Kerfoot & Spivey Lipsey, Stephen Taskin, Scott Brown & Damian Serrano, Grant Doherty, Gabe Cottam, TBA (LOL but it says "TBA" will be speaking... a lot!!!).

The RTC USA 2012 Committee: Wesley Benn, Jim Balding, Phil Read, R. Robert Bell, David Harrington, Nicholas Kramer, Steve Stafford.

Sorry if I left anyone out, the site is a bit ...well, you'll see...

I hope Jeffrey McGrew & Jillian Northrup are two of the TBA presenters!!! I hear Scott D Davis is gonna be there also. 

See Yaall in Geeeorgia! Get your twitter & foursquare warmed up!!!