Friday, November 06, 2015

Beliefs Don't Map Reality | Question Your Knowledge

OK Let's see... Play in "Full Screen" for best results...

Not sure if the issues highlighted in this video are from a bug or a conscious DevOps choice but it was found in Revit while verifying 'funny' dimensions to a .dwg

Said .dwg was a 2D translation of a Civil3D file.Not blaming AutoCAD -that's another story, for another time ;)

Fact is, whoever has said that Revit Can't (or Doesn't) Dimension to non-parallel objects is simply wrong!

Now there is a delta where it won't allow such dimensions; but the fact remains. It can.

That the dimension changes as it's moved along the walls both freaks me out and amuses me.

I hope you enjoy, let me know if you'd like me to editorialize more to explain, but all the numbers are there for pausing and review. Here's to unending growth :D


[Edit 08-15-2016. For reference: the finite break point is anything above .00181851661° -even adding the 12th "0" is a 'no-go'... put your geometry in the right place, these things add up!!!]