Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fear and Loathing In a CAD vs. BIM World and a Fluffy Kitten Walk Into a Bar... A 2012 Recap

The following are 15 selected posts from the past year that I feel are still helpful. I did leave out the post on Revit Tools (no not the bad users) since there are a lot of new tools and I am considering a future post for that...

Thanks to everyone for reading, sharing, adding, teaching, voting, supporting, loving, friending, @ing, forwarding, liking, favorite'ing, this blog & me. I am having a great time growing with you all and will continue to inspire, infuriate, confound and everything else I do :-) 

1) Worksharing need to knows

 2) Holograms... "To all my friends" 

3) Skinput (Not helpful 'yet' but super cool)

4) Copy Monitor (Considerations for beginner to intermediate Reviteurs mostly)

5) More Dimensions of Revit (LOOK AT THE F'ing PROPERTIES DIALOGS PEOPLE!!!)

6) What's the best computer for Revit 2012 (a popular post for readers around the world) Get ready I am going to really up the anti for next year's Revit machine needs!!!

7) (most) Everything you'll need to know about Keynoting (just hit the post, then the 2 red "HERE" links)

8) That damned Revit Cow. (Just wait until RTC2012 everyone... we are going to blow your... mind(s))

9) Programmatic uses of Revit

10) Family Considerations to considerate (yes I know)

11) Keyboard Shortcuts Just for You (and you know who 'you' are)

12) So do you want to be an Architect REALLY? -A fun break from the BIM...

13) Detailing the Revit Detailing Process (NO LINES!!!)

14) Take a Ride on The Rails (A new future is inspired)

15) OMFG Building Rigs Have Unforseen uses -Those will follow next year as well!!!
Have a great New Year and be fantastic all year!!!

BIM In Love

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Live Renders NOT in the clouds

There is much ado about clouds, infinite computing, etc. in AEC these days... Call me leery but I just do not see full production ready solutions out there yet (YET!!!)... I know we probably will but not so much yet; furthermore some people just need to work locally for a myriad of reasons...

Well In the past I have used Artlantis as a quick rendering solution in design stages, since they have a Revit plugin to get your files natively there to play with, it's fast and you see your changes live on screen without hitting the render button... Well now I have learned of Lumion. I am getting their demo now to test and will have some results in the future...but it looks quite promising; with live animated objects such as people, water, interface that 'seems' logical and user friendly (though we will see) and all the effects and modifications & additions are live and applied on-the-fly!!!

So until I get some results here are some demos... check them both out for yourself...
As always the links are links ;-)



Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Oh Revit Forums You Do Love Me Don't You

A great year and great posts from around the Revit-o-sphere and I am happy to announce that a tutorial-post I created (based on some collaboration with Marcello Sgambelluri), called Make S Ride on The Rails (yes that's a link) has been voted as October's Post of the Month over at the Revit Forum.

The Image (left) links to the RFO main page where you can vote for PotY (Post Of The Year)!!! 

Voting seems to be a theme this month, huh!!!

Some pretty rarefied air up there with the other Revit Forum-eers & winners and I am quite happy about that since I must admit, I dig the attention: even though it's the post itself and not me personally that won but I can delude myself easily enough: BTW "we" call that 'dancing'!!!

Next: voting is ALIVE NOW so if you have it in you & are a member of the Revit Forums go share your power!!!

Can we get a groundswell and win that too? I am not sure, but do go and vote for your 3 favorites and know that whomsoever comes out on top it's a win-win for all of us #BimModelingFluffyKittenKillas!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Board Of Directors? Vote New Directors Onto The AUGI Board

Who to vote for? (by hitting the image left)

Me of course!!! (OK OK others as well :-))

There have been a few times where I felt that AUGI could have benefited from a Board of Directors that displayed a passionate and unique perspective such as mine, so when I was asked to throw my hat in for consideration I felt that running for it seemed a logical expression of my desire to inspire and improve our industries. 

Many of you who know me: whether socio-digitally, personally or professionally: know that I will add a clear, creative and essential voice to the Board: if elected.

This is one of those (small) times where we can stand together and make our voices truly heard, while building a stronger ADSK community at the same time. 

That's what voting is for, right; getting constituent's voices heard and making life a little better? This time; unlike the electoral college system your voices ARE the voices heard!!!

AUGI needs to fill some seats and voting is open through Thursday December 15th 10:59pm GMT (See this Zulu (GMT) Time Zone Guide);  You can vote at:

If you do not yet know; AUGI (Autodesk User Group International) is a volunteer organization and is free to join, so whether or not you vote please join (if you already haven’t) as there are benefits for all Autodesk Software Users to be had through AUGI at  

I hope you can find the short time (outside of business hours) to show your support & vote for me in this endeavor. 

There are others running and all of our the candidate information is available and can be found at: I suggest that you read all of our posted documents as well as our responses to questions posed and make up your own minds (obviously)...

Thank You All Very Much and...

I approved this message :-)