Friday, July 18, 2008

Revit Users and You (Sirs?)

An excerpt from an Evite for the Los Angeles Revit Users Group meeting for July: (yes, click the link if you'd like to be invited...just use the "CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE NOT:" button if you want to show up or reply, etc.)...

Tom Weir (Brandow & Johnston's own) will present "Ain't it the Pits" -a how to build an elevator pit presentation; as well as a special review of a 100% Revit Project under construction (Shhh, it's a secret Hollywood studio). Then, we will be holding a "Coordination" panel discussion with all 3 current Revit disciplines: Structure, MEP & Architecture. Bring all of your questions and
comments to add to the topics we will outline. The final list of industry participants is growing but as of now Tom and I will join Jonathan West from Mazzetti & Associates and David Wilmans & Nik Muir from Gensler; we will keep you posted on others as they are confirmed. This is shaping up to be a great session that will help us all move forward in a more collaborative AEC world. See you there

Jarrod Baumann and Joel Londenberg of Design West Engineering have also been added to the panel, so we are even more excited about this meeting.

Also in the list of attendees someone (Thanks Henry!!!) asked a question so I'll answer that here since it doesn't fit the theme of the RUG but is a common question:
Q: How to host cars on ramps? A:
Use a floor!!!

Ramps don't allow that. You could get into elaborate faking but I'd just say use a floor. BTW: all of my "Parking Ramps" are floor objects anyways...We want to get the areas counted with all the other slabs, right?
Ramps really should be called "Handicap Ramps" or "I'd-Rather-Have-A-Smooth-Transitional-Device-To-Get-Up & Down-Rather-Than-Having-A-Stair-Ramp-not-to-be-used-as-parking-ramps-or-roads-Ramp"" -That is their as-designed function (in Revit), everything else is just a workaround!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Voting: Poll shows .026% turnout last week

It's good practice for November to vote here (look at the right of this page!!!) As of this past week the turnout is that .026%. Perhaps the candidates are not so good...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


In regards to the previous post I want to answer a comment left by Chris (and thank him for asking!)...So here 'goes.
Anonymous Chris said...Do you know what advantages this offers, compared to Autodesk's now-recommended FBX workflow? -Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Well as I said, I will be looking at this and posting some results in the near future but from discussions with visualization colleagues (who I trust) and from what research I have already done, the possibilities to round trip objects back and forth without polygon loss is in itself a step above straight FBX-to-MAX (until (if) ADSK allows this directly in their products)!!! I suggest you hit the discussion groups (use the Google machine) and see what you can see as to what other people are experiencing with Revit's FBX to MAX... As to Npower's solution here is what they say on this page:

"...The 3ds Max nPower advanced visualization environment provides your Revit model with infinite resolution surfaces producing stunning photo-real surfaces that you can easily cut away and reveal without rendering artifacts. Easily create close-up renderings without conventional polygon faceting by easily controlling the level of detail on any selected Revit object. Compress your Revit model data structures to the absolute smallest memory footprint with our Power Cache technology giving you the extra space you need to render hi resolution large format images. Organize your Revit model in Max with our advanced Revit Material support by layer and an easy to browse instanced multi-sub object material. Collaborate with other CAD applications like Inventor and Rhino to produce highly accurate complex design and planning visualizations. Conceptualize freeform volumes, structures and shapes from furniture to light fixtures with the industry's most flexible solid modeler and then export them directly to Revit for dimensioning and construction. If you’re looking for a Revit to Max and back solution that will give you the edge in the world of architectural visualization then..."

I find it interesting (or #@*^!) that ADSK says that "interoperability" is a main concern and push for them (see any keynote speach from the recent past...AU, etc...) since it seems that other companies write code to get more interoperability out of ADSK products than they do themselves. Behemoths move so slow and ultimately go the way of the dinosaur if they don't learn to adapt and respond faster. But perhaps my view is a bit harsh since Npower is part of ADSK's ADN (advanced developer network). I comment because I love.

With that rant over (for now) here are a few more assets I found while bouncing around the Web... Autodesk has some FBX and other videos at: This Site!!! that are worth a look.

Oh and BTFW: I just nearly soiled my armour when I came across this tidbit: Click This if you dare!!! ADSK and who are going to become interoperable? Bentley?... Seems so... Has Robert Aish put something up ADSK's sleeve??? I can only hope. Perhaps ADSK stock is a good thing; it is up nearly a dollar per share today; Now if they'd only get their own products interoperable with each other...

Monday, July 07, 2008

BiDirectional isn't a dirty word!!! (except in my mind)

All I can say is *#@^! (AKA: OMFG) I am very excited about this one. Reality may never be the same after this hits home (and production)!!!

Sarcasm alert...Sarcasm alert...

I suggest that nobody else looks into nPower's bi-directional translation solution!!! Yes it's a link!!! I don't think anyone would benefit from real interoperability between Revit and 3DMAX; or any other software for that matter. I think softwares that Designers use should be rigid and inflexible, continuing to allow limited Design & creativity options, nor do I feel that they should allow for exponential growth of ideas...Uhh...Hmmm...Perhaps that's what the sarcasm alert was for...???

BiDirectional!!! Can it be??? Can we actually round trip objects to and from 3dMAX and Revit!!! I think we can!!! Tune in again soon to see some results...

In the mean time, click the image below for the video... I mean DON'T click the image below, you'll just be wasting your time with the possibilities...