Monday, December 15, 2014

.DWG's in Revit | Clean Them or Don't Use Them | Ever!!!

The Zen of Clean
Want peace? Use only clean .dwg's (if you must use them at all)... talk to some folks and be told "never use .dwg's" in their projects!!!

[Edit 12/16/2014: If one must use dwg's temporarily (not for generating a topo) then use the "Family Method". Bring the dwg into a family (GenMod(?)) and put that in the project; Revit thinks about them as a Family and acts a bit better... End Edit]

I agree but know that too many people are far too ...ummm...well... lazy to do what's right...

(FWIW: replacing the word 'lazy' in that last sentence with any other word still reads as either lazy or worse) therefore use at your own peril.

Whenever one receives a .dwg file from anyone these processes are requisite prior to any use in Revit.

If these processes are not followed do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring any external .dwg into a Revit Project, if you know what's good for the project.

Is that my opinion?
Yes! BUT it's been verified by so many, with so much evidence of it's necessity that it can safely be deemed fact.

Also understand that the .dwg invariably will have lines not on axis so you may (or are) still bringing garbage that is not just unuseful but damaging to projects, teams and braincells so please don't use them!!! That said, here is a best-case-for-a-worst-case process if you must...

If I forgot any steps please let me know and I'll adjust... Here we go:

Cleaning .dwg Files | Prior to Use in Revit

The following are procedures to accomplish for each and every .dwg (etc.) file prior to linking into or using anywhere in Revit. This will ensure (among other things) that all geometry is within 20 miles from .dwg Origin of 0,0,0.

Notes and Tips:
A)     If, during any of the “Zoom All” commands below, it appears that the screen goes all blank and you do not think you see geometry, think again ;) The geometries are so far apart that entire site (or whatever geometries you have) can appear as only one single pixel… In this case draw a line from 0,0,0 to the top/right of the current view and you should be able to track your geometry for cleaning... which are most likely at that top/right ;)

B)      If any steps are skipped then please expect to do the entire process again!
a.      Verification of the 20 mile limitation is immediate and automatic in Revit
b.      Non-Cleaned .dwg’s are never to be used in a Revit environment
c.       Non-Cleaned .dwg’s create Revit file corruptions especially if over 20 miles from origins... You have been warned!!!

1.       Who is to clean the .dwg?
Either step 1a or step 1b is to be accomplished.
a.       Civil Engineer (for example) cleans their own files | Preferred Method
                                                               i.      Communicate and coordinate this paper and processes with Civil Engineer to have their survey (etc.) be cleaned per below constraints, prior to sharing for Revit use.
b.      Other team cleans copies of Civil .dwg’s
                                                               i.      Save a copy of the original Survey file that is to be used to generate Shared Coordinates.

2.       Preparing the .dwg
a.       Turn all layers on
                                                               i.      Layon

b.      Thaw all layers
                                                               i.      Laythw

c.       Unlock all layers
                                                               i.      Via the layer manager (preferred method)
                                                             ii.      Layulk is sometimes useful for one-of’s

3.       Remove all unnecessary geometry
a.       Top View “Zoom All” (This is distinct from Zoom Extents; Zoom Extents can be told to ignore actual geometry)
                                                               i.      Verify that only the project geometry is on screen; if there is more than project geometry then complete step 3b.
b.      Delete any/all unnecessary geometry (and I mean ALL)
c.       Front View “Zoom All”
                                                               i.      Verify that only the project geometry is on screen; if there is more than project geometry then complete step 3d.
d.      Delete any/all unnecessary geometry (and again, I mean ALL)
4.       Save
5.       Purge All (This may need anywhere from one to four+ passes of purge to get rid of all ‘purgable’ items)

6.       Verify that all unnecessary geometry was truly removed
a.       Top View “Zoom All”
                                                               i.      Verify that only the project geometry is on screen
b.      If any unnecessary geometry exists go back to Step 3b and proceed from there.

c.       Front View “Zoom All”
                                                               i.      Verify that only the project geometry is on screen
d.      If any unnecessary geometry exists go back to Step 3d and proceed from there.

7.       Purge All (an Audit won't hurt either right about now)
a.       Yes purge again and over/over until there are no objects that can be purged.
8.       Save
9.       Close

Now one can use the cleaned .dwg in Revit (if you must)... Cheers!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

@RTCEUR 2014 | Jay Zallan's Class Presentations and Downloads

Hello from Dublin -Yes, Ireland -Well when this publishes I will be en-route, so Hello from 35,0000' or so ;)

To get the RTCEUR 2014 thing going and to provide, for those unable to attend, a portion of 'the goods',  I am posting my class handouts, presentations and associated downloads and links.
I do hope you enjoy!!! -And get some value from them obviously :D

The video (that is obviously not in the pdf below) can be watched below or at: 

The point of including this video is to speak to my point that 'reality' is relative to us humans and what we make of it and ourselves is really the only game we play.

I find it a wholly liberating concept that we may only be minor players, on a tiny spec in the cosmos, but that we can have large relative impact for one another!!! Therefore:
  • Let's Play Big, With Integrity and Always Strive to be The Best We Can Possibly Be!!! 
  • Liberate Your Own Greatness(es); That Will Both Inspire and Free Others to Liberate Their Own!!!

Direct Links:
Hot Models Wanted 
BIM Junkies' Life On The Lines

Monday, October 27, 2014

RTCEUR 2014 Final(?) Prep Post @RTCEUR Handouts and Lab Files will post here at the time the classes run this week...

Just thought I'd put that out there ;)

See you soon!!!???

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Architects Modeling for Construction

What a novel thought... I say that due to the countless times that I have heard things like "that is the contractors' responsibility" etc. I humbly say to that: Bullshit.

The following is a draft-excerpt of the handout for a lecture that I will be doing later this month at RTCEUR in Dublin, Ireland (Download the families and addons by clicking the images of the individual families) -And providing these families is the point of releasing this snippet early, so folks going to RTCEUR can get a jump on 'things' ;)

04 | (Hot) Modelling FOR Construction

Stud Rails, 3D Grids & Surcharge Revit Families
Modelling certain elements that are typically (read ‘typically’ as in the dead, 2D past) either left out of models or only provided as details, such as the surcharge family above.

 These surcharges for instance, take a short time to input, like 1 hour or so per building, which in the grand scheme of hot models and projects is almost nothing… BUT the impact of having these in the design BIM and onward will (yes, WILL) pay huge dividends during consultant modelling and all coordination, etc. an Architect cannot deal with spending 1 hour on these items then that shows they are further down the AECO Continuum, probably lower than they envision. The Stud Rails shown come in two flavors: 2-Rail and 3-Rail and include ‘Column Width”.
These are very sneaky in their import. How many times has an MEPF Engineer or Trade Contractor tried to place a pipe, etc. too close to a concrete column-to-beam intersection and then the pipes don’t fit in reality-world, then a change order (or 10) and voilà how many thousands of dollars did that just cost?

Say you don’t care? Say “that’s the contractors’ responsibility?” Not if you want to create hot models that bring (or start to bring back) Architecture and Architects to the “master builder” level that the industry once viewed them as.
 The 3D Grid is purely for coordination and mostly for Navisworks, since it’s Heads-up-display (HUD) grids and levels are, well, less than optimum. The 3D Grid can be had from:

PLUS!!! There are some cool addons at: one of which applies these 3D Grids in the same place and length as the grids internal to Revit, as well as copies a set to each level included! Thanks Troy Gates @TroyGates for the addons :D

-BIM Consortium tools (to date):; there are 3 ‘easy’ things we can do to save literally thousands of dollars with negligible effort. 

I’d say that lifts the whole floor on our teams when these processes are used.

OK, so Click Me for some keyboard shortcuts as well ;)

Thursday, October 02, 2014

RTCEUR 2014 | Hot Models Wanted | A Revit Life on the Line(Based Families)

If you are in Dublin this October and were debating on whether or not you are attending RTCEUR2014 maybe these will help your choice/decision...(remember to use the bold links herein ;)

The two sessions (that actually are three) which I am looking forward to presenting are to be:

Hot Models Wanted | ((Architecture+Engineering)+Construction)=1
Thursday October 30th, 2014

A BIM Junkie's Life on the Lines | Double Lab
Friday October 31st, 2014 -Costumes optional ;)

FWIW, I am really excited to speak with all the presenters, as there is going to be a concentration of AECO and BIM knowledge second to none :D

That said, I'd like to point out a few of the speakers (Click HERE To See All Speakers) that I am looking forward to collaborating with, while in Dublin...BTW: The names below link to these folks' twitter profiles... a follow may be in order ;)

Jay Zallan (Me :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SoCAL BIM Workshops | JBZ Class Handouts

So I originally sent the wrong files to the BIM Workshops and since they already placed them on the flash drives for attendees, herein are the handouts for immediate download.

I apologize but look at it this way: Everyone who gets a flash drive gets a free and extra class on Line Based Families!

I know this doesn't solve the issue but it is what it is, it seems ;)

Download Link: 2014 Coordinate and Dominate BIM Project Success

Download Link: Reconstructing the Architectural Practice | Success in AECO, BIM & Revit

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pacific Coast BIM Workshops

AECO, BIM Teams throughout the West coast: See you September 25th through the 26th 2014!

The Consortium is representing with Darren Roos (@Darren_Roos), Marcello Sgambelluri (@MarcelloSgamb) and yours truly (@JayZallan)
 All the info you'll need (I presume) is available by hitting the images and links herein  :-) -Also; go follow these people (if you already don't)

Other Friends of the BIMs:
Nancy McClure
Steve Stafford
Steven C. Shell
Brian Mackey
Paul Aubin
Doug Bowers
Nicholas Zent
Kelly Lubeley
Cathy Hadley
Andy Jizba
Aubrey Frederick
Luke Ferry
Chris Keck
Brenton Wilberg Allen
Nancy Clark Brown
Joel Londenberg
Bill Debevc
Mark Hunter
-and the oft forgotten TBD