Friday, January 22, 2016

Hey Ladies | Self perpetuated dis-inclusion can not stand!

In my years in AEC, I have been keen to notice that there are (like too many industries still) a disproportionate lack of women. 

If 50% of Earth is populated with women, why not the workforce? 

Why is there a lack of women in business generally, why a lack in management, etc... the statistics are out there and pretty difficult (or impossible) to discount; and I am not about to list all the reasons whether real or theoretical... I won't even go into the idea that in this day and age there are many opportunities that go ignored by women themselves (yeah, I know I snarkily did interject that but hey, I am a man after all ;)

As a young man, I rarely thought about this as having much of a direct affect on me, if any... As I go through life though and look at how the world may be when my now teenage daughter is an adult, I see that it does impact me, as well as everyone. Obviously the effect on women is at issue and the more poignant. Whereas I may have (read as: have) missed unknown collaborations, ideas, sensitivities, etc. due to the mainly homogeneous workplace, women have missed more and that would be for them to elaborate on. 

As a person who revels in mixing ideas with others in attempts at gaining and sharing ever wider, varied and deep insights, I guess I have missed more than I previously thought... BUT THIS IS NOT (so much) ABOUT ME!

Here's the bottom line:
If you are a woman in AECO and feel you could use as many potential opportunities to get your voice(s) heard: I professionally, personally and specifically ask that you step up to the plate (as it were) and get yourself published, as one way to help turn the tide...
If you want to write about Architecture, Revit, BIM, Dynamo or another related concept, 
I want to get you published... and I can and will!!! But the ball is in your court!!! -All you need do is want to get published and contact me as such.

I edit/curate the Revit Architecture section of AUGIworld magazine and in addition to wanting and needing authors in general, I do attempt a few things in this capacity; namely attempting to obtain awesome (even 1st time) writers, unique articles, even divergent viewpoints, creative solutions and the like. SO...

I hope you or others that you know will take this as one of many possible ways to act and change the situation (at least a little bit), rather than just resign to the current state of snail's paced change.