Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stop Double-Clicking Files to Open Them!!!

Got that? Stop Double-Clicking BIM or CADD Files to Open Them!!!

Unless of course you like to create files that are increasingly corrupt and ultimately don't work.

First let me put this in a bit of perspective: I don't mean little bitty files or the likes of MS Word files, etc. I am strictly speaking to Revit & other ADSK files (such as AutoCAD and all the variants therein) probably the other software vendor files too but they'd have to address that.

I was speaking to an ADSK developer about the fact that I'd heard it is not a good practice to open files by double-clicking them and they agreed and gave me some now long forgotten, technical and valid reasons.

I was working (for 6 years) next to a MACperson and since he was so used to double-clicking files to open them he naturally double-clicked away; even though we were in a Windows environment AND even though we had implemented a best-practice of 'never double-clicking files to open them'... you know how it is: best practices are only as good as the people employing them (or not
employing them)... I guess he initially didn't believe in the import or validity of the suggested practice.

Well as time went by I realized that this person was generating a lot more corrupt (Architectural Desktop) files than anyone else... Hmmm was the info that ADSK developer told me correct? Yes, obviously!!!

I also tested with network sniffers and wait til I tell you about the poor packets of lost information...

Long story short; once the double-clicking was stopped so did nearly all of the corruptions...hey; it was still CADD based so don't expect perfection... Think of it this way: the files we are using in the BIM realm are quite large and the applications we use are also large and complex with so many calculations happening it's hard to imagine; but back to the point: if the app isn't fully opened the file will still be trying to force itself into the app but can't complete the process ...

...And if you're on a network what do you think happens to the packets of information? Well, they bounce around the network trying to find a home, but after a short time (milliseconds to
seconds usually) they turn back into free floating electrons and go back to whence they came... Space

Say bye-bye to your data!!! Now, if you continue
double-clicking then I suggest that you stop asking why the files go corrupt and start to take ownership of your actions and realize that you caused the corruptions by choice and action... This is not a judgement, just a fact... not good or bad; just so.

Remember: Ignorance of the law is no excuse either, right?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The New Black? Green BIM!!!

There's enough said in the new for 2010 BIM Smart Market Report by the folks at McGraw Hill Construction, etc... So I'll keep this post on-point and only add: Get on (Green BIM...) now, if you're not already: you can no longer say we didn't tell you :-)

Click the image below for the report.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Need a Reference to Bo Derek in your Revit / BIM Process?

OK; it's that time again for the AutoGeekFest-a-thon... actually it's Autodesk University and I can hardly wait... Vegas Baby... Oh I mean a load of learning, sharing & teaching!!!

Early registration opened today (Monday September 07, 2010) and becomes open to all in the days to come. Lots of great sessions including my Unconference Session (I still like calling them UnPlugged Sessions) but I digress.

Click the image below to get to or near it...

There are a lot of new sessions at AU this year, as well as a few goodies from years past, so be sure to look through "The List"... I will be cloning myself to be in several sessions at once... really I will be coordinating with friends and colleagues to cover more than what any one of us can do individually... hope to see you there (BTW: don't look for my long hair, as in the photo; that's long gone and I am far too busy to grow it out again...perhaps :-))

Sunday, September 05, 2010

OK So Today I am Picking Flowers

The title is basically to communicate that this is just a frivolous, personal posting... devoid of meaning... so I will just add: Ahhh Old Times! ...Long gone.

Scroll down for the BIM stuff :-)