Monday, August 31, 2009

Small World you say? No Shit!!!

First things first: Does anyone have a Revit Detail Component for a dirt over falling-in roof they can send me?

Back to BIM; sort of.

About 4 years ago when I was a consultant with US CAD (formerly LA CAD) I went to the Autodesk SF area offices to do my Implementation Certified Expert (ICE) training
& certification. It was a small class of about a dozen or so folks, one of whom was from India; he let us know during introductions that nobody in the entire subcontinent of India had the ICE certification yet. When the week long class was over and we had finally taken and passed the exams I had a chance to speak to him and him how cool I thought it was that he's now able to say that he is the only person on the entire continent that is an Implementation Certified Expert... I thought he should put that on his business card for sure :-).

Well I have seen so much already, while InDia: and we will get to that in other posts but for now I want to talk about my plans to unroll the RUG (Revit Users Group) to Bangalore; so to start; and before I flew out of LA, I contacted
friends at Autodesk, as well as the local Indian (real Indian) resellers to pose the idea of me doing a public speaking engagement while I am here plus I wanted (and looks as though I am) going to get a Revit Users Group started here!!! YAAY, spreading BIM worldwide.

The Revit Users Group Bangalore or RUG-B (pronounced Rugby obviously) looks to be started next week, along with the help of Autodesk and the folks in the AEC community here. Back to that ICE story now, right?


I am really excited to get this RUG-B going since it will help the group I am here training, at our Insource Team's Offices, I think a Bangalore RUG will get them more visibility and give them (and others) their chance to teach and learn; as well as the RUG-B will bring many other Architects and Engineers, etc. in India/Bangalore some BIM cooperation and information sharing between themselves and the larger RUG communities (and maybe a bit of BIM Karma for me and the LARUG too won't hurt): This type of thing will do great things, especially if firms here A) want to work more with firms in the States and the other nations where BIM has a foothold in AEC now (and we all know they do) and B) if they want to modernize their building process out of the (_fill in your favorite, applicable adjective here_) state that it can find itself in; I am told AEC can be a bit different from our processes ;-). Then again if people don't pay their bills to workers anyways, as it has been explained to me that can happen then why go to BIM??? Huh... Got a point there I guess??? I hope those stories are just bullshit and/or exaggerations and oversimplifications, because if they are not they/we have a long struggle to get BIM InDia.

Anyways I am still excited because I know BIM & Revit would and will work for people and firms InDia... no matter the socio-political, business climate or past practices.

So with this excitement in mind; I emailed one of the resellers I was in contact with and they in turn contacted their Autodesk colleagues and setup a meeting with me, last week...

I walked in and I heard from across the table... "Hey, you look familiar!!!"...

"No shit!!! So do you..."
(I thought) ...seems no one here swears so I try to keep it professional in public... "Hey I know you and I just knew this would happen!!!" I replied.

As an aside: I was joking with another colleague before my trip and said something like 'watch, I will get there and meet the guy from India that was in the ICE class I took... -we had a good and ironic (I thought) laugh.

Well, if you haven't gotten it yet; YES!!! that was him (and yes, it's a small fucking world after all, even if it's a cheesy Disney song it IS a small world after all). The odds this happening as it turned out are 1:1!!! Vegas here I come!!! Oh I can't wait for AU2009.

So if you need an ICE certified consultant in Bangalore (and perhaps anywhere in India) call Vinayak Suresh Shanbhag at Autodesk India and he will treat you great and get your Revit BIM implementation going right.

More to come on the upcoming RUG-B, especially when it goes well!!! ENjoy another beautiful temple du InDia...

Quick Update

Suffice to say jet lag is just starting to straighten out so I figure that by the time I am back in LA I will be on India time so that way I can have a full experience of how the brain can turn itself around (and back)!!! Here's a neighborhood beauty for you in the mean time...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Namaste From India (not na)

5:00 am, India time... do you know where your J is?

So after the 20 some odd hours of flying time, I am finally here in Bangalore; the Silicon Valley (???) of India.

View Larger Map

After a supposed bomb scare in Frankfurt (they cleared the terminal just as I was about to board my connection)... I guess all was fine since we got to go through security AGAIN (yuk) and board and go...

I have not seen too much of Bangalore yet but one thing I have seen is that driving here is pure Anarchy!!! I believe that any money spent painting lines in the roads was/is a complete waste...

I don't think cars can go straight here :-)

Also one gets a hint as to the level of driving by the fact that there are speed bumps and some really big ones IN THE HIGHWAYS and roads (YIKES!!!). Shit, the US would have another Revolution if that was tried stateside.

I do want to drive while I am her
e though; it looks fun from my perspective.
Think of driving through a tight maze of cars, small motorcycles, trucks (is that what they are?), bikes from the 60's, people, dogs (from the 60's) and other vehicles that should be on Monster Garage being transformed; driving where the horn seems to push other vehicles magically out of your way (sometimes). Now add those fucking speed bumps and there is a little taste of the driving conditions here... at least to an outsider from LA.

Onto business:
I finally met the team at Studio-I who we have been working remotely with for the past year and a half; I will be implementing Revit & BIM (more) into their workflow in a manner that should ensure great project results: and let me say they couldn't be any nicer folks. Now this is not surprising but it is still striking from my perspective... It's nearly impossible to get a chance at opening a door for them. And does everyone really need to be so kind and polite and smile all the time???

Ugh; where is some of that cold indifference we can give/get back home? ...although I think that it does exist here too, judging from some of the looks I get...mainly from the Tech Guys in the street but considering my 6 earrings and a style unlike anyone here...Oooh that pinstripe suit rules!!! -perhaps it lurks just below the surface for some... It almost makes me feel comfortable; I can use my 'hard' expressions sometimes (phew).

My first real Indian lunch was great and nice and spicy... Mmmmm. I don't (yet???) know what the "Oh Indian food is too spicy" fuss is all about... I guess this account needs to be left open since it was only one meal!!!

Right now a call to prayer is ringing through the neighborhood (or is that the Continent)... I guess it's better than hearing Cocks crow at 5am... or not... Can't this start when I am already awake? Oh wait I am. Damned time zones.

Well there will be more to come (and some will be Revit & BIM) but for now Take care!!! I will get some photos up here this weekend...


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flying in the ointment

As usual, click these to enlarge...


This is not America... Oh wait, yes it is.
From Images from trip 1: Flying out and in

LA to Frankfurt to Bangalore... Is that a hanging microphone in the second photo at LAX? Yes!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Only Seven Vices of Highly Creative People???

WOW, I thought there were so many more than just these 7 Vices of Highly Creative People!!!???

Well, perhaps it's just 7 until we post more!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

LEED Home Lessons Learned... Consilience: The Blog does it again

Is your residential project certified? LEED For Homes is where you can start... and if you want to get some good lessons learned check out these (oddly enough) Lessons Learned from LEED For Homes, from Consilience: The Blog.

Kermit was wrong: It is easy to be Green.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Not much going on with LARUG these days? Oh yes there is!!! But first...

OH SHIT!!! Even Posh is resisting the Ribbon, who knew she uses Revit???!!!

Well, onto the LARUG Update: The LARUG is taking a Summer Vacation in August, but we'll be back in September with more Architectural, Structural and MEP presentations too!!! And, Mr. AW; actually there is a lot happening :-)

Nevertheless; last week a colleague received our LARUG LinkedIn weekly update and read the Reuters news section (excerpt below) and thought it was directly an LARUG update (LOFL)... if you know me you'd probably and correctly assume that I'd never personally post updates on the Spice Girls...well until now!!! It may not seem funny to you but I almost cried I laughed so hard at the mix up!!!... This is what transpired, if you care:

"So… not much going on with LARUG these days? not that I’m upset about learning that Posh Spice is replacing Paula Abdul on American idol or anything…
" -AW

Posh Spice, Katy Perry to fill in on "Idol"

Reuters | August 6, 2009
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pop singers Katy Perry, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and other female artists will be guest judges on "American Idol" this upcoming season to help replace departing Paula Abdul, Fox television executiv…

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Information where we need it... Who'da thought!!!

Autodesk and Vela Systems Collaborate to Provide Building Information Modeling for the Field

This is another example of a really exciting aspect of BIM; but is it another reason to keep learning every software out there so we can be ready when ADSK buys them? ;-)

And I quote: "...Using Vela Systems software --including bar-coding and radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking technology--builders on-site can access a data-rich Autodesk Navisworks project model during the construction phase. Instead of leaving the Autodesk Navisworks model and its data behind in the office or job trailer, jobsite users can work with Vela Systems software on mobile tablet computers to access the intelligent model on-site. This makes it possible to track material production and installation, manage commissioning, conduct quality assurance/quality control inspections, do punch lists and create electronic owner-handover documentation. Autodesk Navisworks users may designate which information will be managed in Vela Systems and, as a result, the Vela Systems software enables this data to be properly managed and used in the field. The integration between the products is bi-directional and automated. The result is that the information from the field connects the "should be" state-of-design to the "as-is" state-of-construction...."

Now go Get a Tablet!!!