Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coordinated, Dominated | Autodesk University 2012

We hope you enjoy this presentation, though it may not translate too well since you cannot see my interpretive dances... Yes, it's true!

Coordinate to Dominate...The sound on this audio sometimes gets quiet, since AU couldn't seem to get us 4 working microphones... Oh well...It was a great presentation by some amazing BIM colleagues, a 24 page handout and an interactive audience... a recipe for success... That's what I call Dominating!!!

BTW: As to the people who commented below saying "Could have been better w/o the speaker's repeated need to get on his soapbox..." and "Class a little shy on content." WERE YOU REALLY "AT" THIS PRESENTATION??? 

I am guessing you never got the 24 page handout (that needs only be 8 to 10 pages, according to AU!!!) plus I don't think I repeatedly went on over and's called tying points together... Perhaps he or she was struck by our actual content...since we obviously struck a nerve or 159 :-) 

We enjoyed it and am glad the 159 people in attendance thought so, for the most part as well!!! Here are the ratings and comments we got from AU, and to all who took the time to rate and comment we will take all (YES ALL) of the comments and use it to make our presentations even better... Don't be surprised if I don't mention getting about 45% "perfect 10's" and one single "1" in future lectures...can't make everyone happy, huh!!!

Considering that our discussions could be polarizing we find these results powerfully speaking to AECO's desire to get it right though and we were left with an overwhelmingly positive outlook for the future of AECO!!!

Class ratings on a scale of 1 to 10:

The class triggered my creativity – it made me think differently or in new ways 8.32 (38% Perfect 10)
The content was compelling – it inspired me to work differently 8.15 (41% Perfect 10)
The class was very important for my professional development 8.29 (38% Perfect 10)
The topic of this class was very important for my company 8.91 (47% Perfect 10)
I am very interested in learning more about this topic 9.34 (53% Perfect 10)

Class ratings comments:
"All BIMers need to hear these guys speak the truth, bluntly, with no filters. They could have used a little help with microphones. I look forward to learning from all of them into the future."

"Class a little shy on content. You roadmap was a little unclear. I know AV issues are not your fault, but you should have called in the room monitor to help with the sound."

"Could have been better w/o the speaker's repeated need to get on his soapbox about the meaning of construction docs, the architect as master builder, the definition of Standards, etc."

"Great Class"

"Great class with great speaker.  He and his team were great together and this topic was relevant and interesting to everyone."

"I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion that you all spoke with. Your topic was spot on and it was great to hear from a number of project team members and not just one side."

"Great Job!"

"The Consortium Rocks!"

"This class was excellent!  Very inspirational!"

Thanks to the team, the audience, Autodesk University and all of you!!!