Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Pacific Coast BIM Workshops

AECO, BIM Teams throughout the West coast: See you September 25th through the 26th 2014!

The Consortium is representing with Darren Roos (@Darren_Roos), Marcello Sgambelluri (@MarcelloSgamb) and yours truly (@JayZallan)
 All the info you'll need (I presume) is available by hitting the images and links herein  :-) -Also; go follow these people (if you already don't)

Other Friends of the BIMs:
Nancy McClure
Steve Stafford
Steven C. Shell
Brian Mackey
Paul Aubin
Doug Bowers
Nicholas Zent
Kelly Lubeley
Cathy Hadley
Andy Jizba
Aubrey Frederick
Luke Ferry
Chris Keck
Brenton Wilberg Allen
Nancy Clark Brown
Joel Londenberg
Bill Debevc
Mark Hunter
-and the oft forgotten TBD