Friday, April 30, 2010

Revit 2011 Video Cards -Certified (???) for your profection

Oh where oh where has that (fucking) approved video card list gone?? Oh where oh where can it be... on the ADSK site??? well it's RIGHT HERE ...after all Subscription Rules!!!

Yes the spelling error in the post's title was intentional ...If we can't have fun what's the point???

Revit to Revit File Linking: Considerations to Consider(ate)

Another "boots on the ground" document to help transition from a purely Revit mindset to a more IPD methodology, or at least a communicative BIM process. Have fun and make up your own considerations!!!

This R2R Linking document might also want to be placed into your BIM Guidelines book next to THIS ONE!!!

Revit to Revit File Linking

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Technology Stakes: Right through (or to) the heart...of BIM

Shit; was Laurie's article really 4 years ago!!! In any case it's still quite spot on... if you haven't already, it's a definite Need-To-Read. While your list of items in need of coordination may be larger or smaller than what is listed in the .pdf you (can) get the point.

The article brings me back to the Single Central Database Theory; where all the data for a BIM is stored 'out there' and accessed via any application appropriate for any specific task or user

-and no: OPS and the BIM Storms do not accomplish this, so don't get into that argument right now... unless you want to :-)

...Anyhow... Here's that Single Central Database scenario in a tiny nutshell:
If you need to create pretty pictures for a presentation then use a graphics program and it will be able to access the correct project data for those needs ...need to input a new design? Maybe Revit or any other IFC complaint software for that... need reports and quantities, that data could be extracted by any number of apps... all data saved back and available for all...

Nice Dream... Will that happen??? I don't know... If we (AECO) wake up (and pay a lot of fucking money to develop such a game changing paradigm) it can!!!

Any developers want to work together on this? Contact me if you do!!!


The embedded article below is From the Laurie Barlow, AIA 'Silos of BIM' posting on the Greensward Civitas Blog
. She linked up to it within a LinkedIn Discussion and I thought it worthy of sharing...