Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OMFGLOL-VL: A Discourse on Emerging Tectonic Visualization and the Effects of Materiality on Praxis. Or an essay on the ridiculous way architects talk

I was bumping about last night and while reading Doctor, Lawyer, Architect, Fail on the Architects 2Zebras site I hit the link for A Discourse on Emerging Tectonic Visualization and the Effects of Materiality on Praxis Or an essay on the ridiculous way architects talk.

I won't even add my 2 cents, as the article I find spot on, so I find no need (it's perfect as is) I'll simply quote a part of it:

"The Urban Dictionary defines Archispeak as: "Large, made-up words that architects and designers use to make themselves sound smarter than you (you being the client or the confused observer of design). [hit the image above]

It does nothing to inform or enlighten the consumer of architecture and mostly serves to numb them into obedience or self doubt." That sounds about right.

F'ing hilarious because there is even a book on Archispeak!!! Plus the book is illustrated, so the irony continues!!!

I do live in a glass house here, so next time I drop methodologically, etc. I will give myself a little self conscious, inner chuckle...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello Nairobi

I often wonder how many Revit users per capita (Architecturally speaking) there are in the Countries & Cities represented in the readership of this (and other) Revit & BIM Blogs.

Nairobi is no different: I wonder if one (or more) of these firms is a fan...

Welcome nonetheless, whomsoever you are!!! We are glad you're around.

As always; have fun clicking the images...

Friday, February 18, 2011

SkinPut for Revit Coming Soon (or Ever???)

When will released technology catch up with potential technology? Ever??? I guess our kids can look forward to these???

Have you used any SkinPut interfaces? I have ('nt).

Cool to see but actually cool only when we can use it for real!!! Read The Abstract Here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mobil BIM: Droids, iPods, iPads, Tablets: W(here)TF are the Apps???!!!

W(here)TF are the BIM Apps???
I ask that question since it seems obvious to me that some people in AEC & Software Development are still, seemingly in denial regarding BIM and our industries' future and present needs.

We (some people in AEC; not you of course) want our projects to be green, yet we leave the lights on... We want efficient processes, yet we fight BIM... don't even tell "those" people about IPD... their heads will explode and they will surely hide in their turtle shells and continue to hold AEC from an inevitable future (and for the rest of us "the present").

My point? BIM Apps are next to nonexistent. Go search Itunes for DJ apps. There's a ton... and most of the people who use them aren't DJ's, nor are there as many DJ's as there are AEC professionals who would flourish more if a host of apps designed for them (us) was available.

We REALLY have been lacking on the mobility front, except perhaps for dead (or dying I think) old Autocad, for which there is AutoCAD WS yet no BIM WS. I don't count drafting apps as BIM, since
A) They are not BIM
B) I view drafting as a dying art.

Now don't get me wrong: Let's look at painting portraits on canvas (you know: Art); it was said to be at death's door when the camera was invented and that wasn't exactly the case but look around your home: do you have original paintings of your family that you commissioned? Hell, how much original (not mass produced, or printed, etc.) Art do you have at all? Not wealthy=Not much (or any) original Art.

Not like it was in the 19th century!!! Painting may not be totally dead but it's mostly a luxury item now, not the only game in town and photography is arguably it's master for portraiture. -and I am an Artist that does still paint!!!

So while there may always need to be "widget" draftspeople we need only a few of them and only the most talented... What we need (read as NEED) is an assortment of tools built like my next major project: J'ZbimApp (name changed to protect the innocent).

It doesn't take a genius to understand that ADSK is working on their own but they'd better move fast since the competition already has the beginnings of an app that may be doing at least mobile model interaction.

Yes Sketchbook is a fantastic app but it's just a sketchbook afterall, though a fantastic one. We want (read as NEED) BIM Apps!!!

So until we have J'ZbimApp we can at least see our BIM models on our mobile devices right now! goBIM from Ian Keough of Buro Happold is an app That looks promising, though (IMO) it's a pain, since selecting model objects is required in order to export them (there are usually too many elements to be efficient even with moderately sized models, but a start I guess): a large model is yet really functional in my experience... although this app has it's possibilities it has so far fought me (and disallowed me) from loading my own models into it (it could be me though!!!???). I will hit the support pages and see if I can't get resolution but until then my iPad keeps just saying it is "writing" or "Unable to load file" :-(

BTW: Ian is speaking about "Tools" (the good kind!!!) February 17th in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Design Technology Forum (no TLA for them!!!) So if you are in town do check this out!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Watching "Them" Watching Me

Hmmm. Looks like a good sign for Fear & Loathing...!!!
Checking the readership of this Blog, as I am want to do, I noticed a few things recently:

2) CoTweet looks like a good reverse(?)-snooping tool to use for, among other things tracking your company's mentions, etc. from 'out there'. As they, themselves say:

"CoTweet is a comprehensive Web-based social media engagement, management and reporting solution that helps companies of all sizes engage, track and analyze conversations about their brands across the most popular and influential social communities today, Twitter and Facebook."

I say: Welcome (back) Autodesk!!! Assuming that "San Rafael" mentioned above IS indeed Autodesk... and I think that's a safe bet. (An unknowing thanks to Aurgasm for the sounds... it's all theirs!!!)

Autodesk Labs Project Nucleus: Now it's on!!!

I just downloaded the Nucleus Technology preview from The Labs and can't wait to try it... Before I do, here is a taste for you, from ADSK Themselves... Hope this fills you up (for now) Updates to follow??? You can bet on it... Don't forget to click the image to get yours!!! And YES!!! it installs into Revit 2011... Mmmmmm Good.

A bit from The Labs' description:
"Project Nucleus integrates the Nucleus simulation engine from Autodesk® Maya® into Autodesk® Revit® and Project Vasari. It allows designers to experiment with "form-finding" in the conceptual design phase by simulating forces directly in Revit and Project Vasari. (An upcoming technology preview of Project Vasari will include the Project Nucleus functionality.)

Project Nucleus can simulate a wide range of physical phenomena in real time, like wind, gravity, constraints, and collisions. These forces can help architects generate free-form shapes, many of which would be impossible to model by hand."

Friday, February 11, 2011

Time for a change of direction: The Z Direction!!!

Holograms... "to all my friends"

OK, I recently met with some dynamic BIM folks at Suffolk Construction and we discussed all things BIM including their work toward efficient coordination and communication practices... Great stuff. Part of our conversation led to technology and what tools are available (and what aren't) so a future post on mobile solutions is underway...look for that next week...

While we were talking I mentioned using holograms and they were pretty excited at the prospect for their use (unfortunately at the meeting I forgot the name of the holograph creators: Sorry Michael) ...Anyhow, I wanted to share a bit of info on Holograms, so here-goes...

See This previous posting for more on Holograms, LIDAR & Point Clouds (The post is 2 years old so you know there have been major advances (ok well moderate advances) in point cloud technology in AEC, though they are still a bit overly data rich without translation, they do have a prominent place in our lives).

Holographs for AEC: These folks are "The One"!!!
Zebra Imaging Home
Zebra Imaging Gallery

Check out the videos at the bottom of this posting + look at their entire gallery of videos & Images.

The first video below has unruly sound due to the convention atmosphere but you can get a good idea of what these things are; even though seeing them live is much more impressive.

The second video will show some possibilities of multiple images from distinct viewing angles. WOW... the sky's the limit!!! though more than a few image changes might get distracting... then again might not.

The first time I saw one of these AEC holograms it was on the floor and when I stepped over it I nearly fell over since my brain interpreted the hologram to really be sticking up, so it thought I would kick something and (my mind) made me lunge forward, almost falling.

Very big impact...and a good insight to where we experience our world: in the brain, not the eyes.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Revit Space Pilot Pro: Hello Ireland!!!

I suggest that it's time for you to look again at getting yourself some 3DConnexion products and it's time for me to cite an old post (Find it here) to get the conversation started...
Yes, I am going to review these devices and the applications they will support, vice-versa but...
The reasons for this teaser? There are 2:
1) I noticed that someone from Ireland was bumping around the web and Googled "Revit Space Pilot Pro" and found this blog!!! (Hello and welcome; I hope you find good info...)

2) Self, Pre-Redacted