Thursday, July 01, 2010

AutoCAD's just Religion

"Change The Words" [read in the cadence of a blues song]

AutoCAD's a religion
It's just belief system; yeah
-draw two lines and hatch in between them
now point to it with some text

that's what you have now: i'n't it?
but that's just what you believe...
' don't trust me? just change the words,
what does it now mean

If your belief in the object
fails or breaks down
you're back to just lines again: text and hatch

"I believe what I want to believe"; don't trust what you believe
Things are just what they are, they are
no alterations apply

It's just what you believe, no one's gonna change you yourself
you have to embrace change, that's the only thing that remain( )

Change Remains but Belief is Fleeting
Construct a Future and Use New Idea( )

AutoCAD's a religion, BIM is one too
The difference as it seems to me; blind faith and dogma
you can have what you want, you want
but is it really YOU who want( )?

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