Tuesday, March 06, 2012

RTC USA: You, Me, Troy and Marcello

Are you going to RTC USA 2012? I think you should!!! There's value in dem dere hills!!!

Registration is wide open and I am glad to say that there is some good representation from the Revit community.

I am happy to say that The Los Angeles BIM Consortium: Marcello Sgambelluri, Troy Gates & Jay B Zallan will be presenting at the 2nd Annual RTC USA Revit/BIM/GeekFest & Extravaganza!!! Congrats to us and all the other speakers!!!

Teaser Alert!!! We (The Los Angeles BIM Consortium) will also be showcasing some extracurricular Revit collaborations we are working on, and these are poised to...well... you'll just have to wait and see, touch & taste??? ;-)

The Los Angeles BIM Consortium

Held this year at the Stone Mountain Resort, Georgia; in what looks to be a beautiful, hot, humid kind of somewhat remote place; where, if you enjoy nightlife you are going to have issues since the park it sits in has gates that lock you out at night (no kidding).

First up: Jay Zallan's Class.  
Success in Revit: Reconstructing the AEC Process for BIM
I guess nepotism is alive and well since that's me :-) ...No, No, No; I want to save the best for last!!!

This class stems from the need for AEC firms to rebuild their processes, distinct from 'traditional' CAD workflows (or Un-Working-Flows) to efficient BIM-centric processes.

Yes I know CAD should encompass BIM, since it means "Computer Aided Design", unfortunately most of AEC filters CAD into 'Computer Drafting' and that surely kills cute, fluffy kittens too!!!

If you'd like to read the genesis of these concepts as a precurser to the class please hit this link to the Design Intelligence piece I authored. One of my favorite quotes (of myself), from that article is:

OK, next we're onto Troy Gates' session...
Automating a Revit Model from a(n) MS Access Database for Equipment Planning
You know I will be there, so should you!!! These techniques will go a long way in dealing with the I in BIM, as well as some M and B too :-)

This session will absolutely be great and without giving anything away, these techniques will be far reaching...way down into your data stream... Hmmm...data fishing anyone?

Now here's one of the few who's multiple sessions are truly appropriate & deserved!!! Marcello Sgambelluri.

Marcello has several classes at both RTC USA 2012, as well as RTC AU... Needless to say you should plan on going to all of his sessions, along with ours, as the labs in particular will set your Revit skills to flight...

I think his class titles speak for themselves, so without further ado...

Well, that should get you inspired but if you are somehow not yet convinced that RTC USA 2012 is for you, then add to these classes & presenters some other greats like David Light, James Vandezande, Don Rudder, David Fano, Phil Read, Matt Jezyk, Zach Kron & more of your fav's.

The RTC USA 2012 Speakers (alphabetical, from their site): Paul Aubin, Todd Baxter, Don Bokmiller, Tina Bos, Harlan Brumm, Dennis Burns, Kelly Cone, R. Sean Darnell, Bill Debevc, Doug Evans, David Fano, Troy Gates, Brett Gatti, Mario Guttman, Plamen Hristov, Zach Kron, Michelle Leonard, David Light, Brian/Dez Mackey, Aaron Maller, Robert Manna, Michael Massey, Patrick Olson, Rodd Perey, Jeffrey Pinheiro, Don Rudder, Marcello Sgambelluri, Steven Shell, Jereme Smith, Lilli Smith, Solomon Smith, David Spehar, Daniel Stine, Kelvin Tam, Melanie Tristram, James Vandezande, Steve Voorhees, Mortimer Vunderbight, Tim Waldock, Doug Williams, Irina Wong, Jay B Zallan, Tomislav Zigo & the (fucking odd) More speakers to come soon...

More RTC USA 2012 Speakers on the .pdf only (NOT alphabetical): Adam Thomas, Simon Whitbread, Krista Manna, Timothy Grimm, John Tocci, Michelle Mccarthy, Steve Germano, Parley Burnett, Bryan Novotny, Kirk Bricker, Lonnie Cumpton, Rabi Sidawi, Michael Zeeveld, Zach Kron, Ken Stowe, Brandon Pike & Kirstin Buehrich, Shruti Harve, Matthew Nelson, Silvia Taurer, Hidetoshi Dote, Wil Wiens, Federico Negro, Joel Londenberg, Danny Polkinhom, Michael Smith, Cyril Verley, Chris Needham, Dimtrii Pokrovskii & Neil Topliffe, Michelle Leonard,  Josh Taylor, Tim Riefenberg, Jose Fandos, Robert Mencarini, Kushagra Mittal, Ian Molloy, Shawn Zirbes, Steve Jolley, Chris Needham, Patrick Olson, Bruce Mccallum, Joe Kerfoot & Spivey Lipsey, Stephen Taskin, Scott Brown & Damian Serrano, Grant Doherty, Gabe Cottam, TBA (LOL but it says "TBA" will be speaking... a lot!!!).

The RTC USA 2012 Committee: Wesley Benn, Jim Balding, Phil Read, R. Robert Bell, David Harrington, Nicholas Kramer, Steve Stafford.

Sorry if I left anyone out, the site is a bit ...well, you'll see...

I hope Jeffrey McGrew & Jillian Northrup are two of the TBA presenters!!! I hear Scott D Davis is gonna be there also. 

See Yaall in Geeeorgia! Get your twitter & foursquare warmed up!!!

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