Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Revit Architecture 2008: 1 Let's Have Some Fun With Roofs

This is just a taste of things to come from not just this Blog but Revit Architecture 2008 and beond...

Do you ever slope your Roofs to a drain? Of course we have always wanted to but usually just called it out...WELL, now we can (easily I might add) Model it up for real!!!

First we start with a Flat Roof (yes, flat
and they must be rectangular...we can change their shape with openings later if necessary))

Next select it and use the new Tools!!! on the Options bar to 'draw split lines' on the roof and change the height(s) of any points...The 'split lines' can be moved as one may expect from Revit. (also note those roofs that have twisted shapes can now take seconds to create, rather than needing custom blends in many cases, as we had to in the (almost) past, by using the same tools as we're looking at here).

That gets us to here...Draw the 'split lines', edit the points...(yes, select the points in this mode and change their parametric values...

The split lines and points move in all directions...if you like.

This roof has a -6" slope to it; but it is just a matter of picking the roof, using the 'modify points' tool and edit the values and the roof is off to the races, as it were...All this from a 'flat roof' too...

But maybe we want to explore some more shapes...Just pick, click, type and/or drag...OOOOH curved to gable (EEEEK!!!) You get the idea though.

Have fun with this little taste of RAC 2008...I'll see you back here after Autodesk's Technical 'Camp' in FLA next week...

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