Monday, March 26, 2007

What does the AirBus 380 CAD Problems and you have in common: Hopefully Nothing.

I know this article (Lessons For All CAD Users From the Airbus CATIA Debacle) came out last year's nearing that yearly Mindf*#@ of a time where every ADSK software is to be released anew.

A new package for All. Click Me!!!

A new name. Click Me!!!

Some new requirements, as usual. Click Me!!!

A new bunch of tools and options.
Click Me!!! ... Of which I will be featuring (well, my my favorites at least) in the next week or two...but...Roofs & Floors Rule Now...well, next month when RAC 2008 comes out they will...How about Revit Structure 2008 being able to have curved beams (for real) in any direction and then to attach (yes the existing & new trusses too) to us Architectural types' roofs & slabs!!! These two things alone are worth the price of admission!!!

That all said there's still some things that 'they' still won't give us. See Below!!!

For instance: Revit's
f*#@'ing ________ symbols for elevation views...Nice Industry "leading" symbology... is that a witches hat and a first graders drawing of a house? Oh, those are "someone's" idea of symbols for elevations...

How can it be that the brilliant minds that created and developed Revit (and now the newer developers as well) can pass those symbols off as professional attempts at graphics...I wonder if it is written into someones contract to keep those ridiculous things around. Do you get the idea I don't like those symbols???

But I digress...RAC 2008 will be great!!!

Use the new tools when you get them but keep in mind there may be ramifications with dinosaurs who don't upgrade!!! But then again It's survival of the Phittest daddy-o.

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