Friday, February 11, 2011

Time for a change of direction: The Z Direction!!!

Holograms... "to all my friends"

OK, I recently met with some dynamic BIM folks at Suffolk Construction and we discussed all things BIM including their work toward efficient coordination and communication practices... Great stuff. Part of our conversation led to technology and what tools are available (and what aren't) so a future post on mobile solutions is underway...look for that next week...

While we were talking I mentioned using holograms and they were pretty excited at the prospect for their use (unfortunately at the meeting I forgot the name of the holograph creators: Sorry Michael) ...Anyhow, I wanted to share a bit of info on Holograms, so here-goes...

See This previous posting for more on Holograms, LIDAR & Point Clouds (The post is 2 years old so you know there have been major advances (ok well moderate advances) in point cloud technology in AEC, though they are still a bit overly data rich without translation, they do have a prominent place in our lives).

Holographs for AEC: These folks are "The One"!!!
Zebra Imaging Home
Zebra Imaging Gallery

Check out the videos at the bottom of this posting + look at their entire gallery of videos & Images.

The first video below has unruly sound due to the convention atmosphere but you can get a good idea of what these things are; even though seeing them live is much more impressive.

The second video will show some possibilities of multiple images from distinct viewing angles. WOW... the sky's the limit!!! though more than a few image changes might get distracting... then again might not.

The first time I saw one of these AEC holograms it was on the floor and when I stepped over it I nearly fell over since my brain interpreted the hologram to really be sticking up, so it thought I would kick something and (my mind) made me lunge forward, almost falling.

Very big impact...and a good insight to where we experience our world: in the brain, not the eyes.


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